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Well today has been hard I have felt really empty. Mike is starting to get withdrawal from his pills and is being a nasty bastard, told me to **** off and move out. He wishes he hadn't told me about the other pills he had hidden so he could take them all. He has been giving me shit because I haven't read up about withdrawal and I haven't talked to him much about chatting on here. I can't ******* win
No you can't win.

Only he can go through withdrawal, not you.

It's an horrific thing, horrible to witness. I speak as someone who has gone through it three times. Not as a witness, but as someone doing it.

Please, please, whatever you do, do not give in to it. It will argue/fight like crazy, threatening all sorts. Walk away.

I have no idea what your partner's probs are. Drink or drugs? Mine was alcohol. It doesn't actually matter.

No matter how he screams or whatever, he will live.

That screaming is the addiction... it want's to live... and who can blame it?

I could be wrong, but I think getting your partner on to an Intuitive Recovery coarse may help. These are free.
So how do I get him on this course.

I am just every day harder and harder.

I hope your coping and doing ok

Mike is addicted to prescription drugs and has brought some online without us knowing
Like I said, makes no difference. Be it vodie from the offie (me) prescription drugs, or smack from a dealer... drugs are drugs.

Here's a link I hope is of use to you.

http://www.intuitivethinkingskills.co.u ... e-recovery

Oddly enough.. nahrr! I won't go on about that.

But, actually, those god botherers, AA, have really helped me too. Miracles will never cease :-???
Also maybe this link will help. It helped me, but everyone is different.


I know from my own personal experience that you can only help a person IF they want to be helped. Otherwise, you're pissing in the wind.

That leaves people who want to help with a pretty awful delemia (spell checker says Deliah): Do they help, or do they don't?

From my experience - and it is ONLY my experience - don't.

We will only exploit you, making us feel even more awful than before.

Detoxing IS awful.. get medical help if needed... but don't give way to it's terrible screams. Those screams are real, but they're not.

Only when the person has come out of them on the other side will they begin (a slow process) to realise that for themselves.
Somebody else realizing it for them is worse than useless.

I can tell you this for nothing. Addicts are nothing if not democratic. We treat EVERYBODY the same; as gist to our over driven mills.

I recognize this is probably the worst advice I've ever given. I refused all medical help for my de-toxs (with hind sight I would've accepted it.) I wouldn't even take a bit of Librium let alone the residential de-tox they offered me.... What an idiot I was/am!

The first was the worst (aren't they always!)

Third time lucky... I hope so :)

Good luck with your boyfriend.

Sajehar XXX