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hi everyone hope your taking care of each other,

I've been looking for a wheelchair for hubby and several people have said go to the Red Cross in Chelmsford.
But I've looked on their website and apart from their regional HQ their IS no Red Cross in Chelmsford Image Image
I don't think it's an actual charity shop, more of a collection/distribution place, but apparently they will sell or hire wheelchairs for a good price.

Hubby thought it was somewhere near Argos, but is not sure.

Does anyone know of this place and where it is exactly?

Hi sam,

Are you not able to get one free from the O.T or SS?
hi india,
No because they don't think he needs it.

cheers sam
Oh! I would ask again. Ask them what exactly is the criteria he needs to meet to be given a wheelchair.x
The trouble is he can sort of walk, but not for long for several reason. We are getting a needs assessement done soon, still waiting to hear back.

thanks sam
Don't know, but hubby came from Chelmsford!
Try ringing the Regional HQ - they should be able to direct you your nearest branch Image
What about a rollator! It is like a walking frame with wheels and brakes and a seat for when the user needs a break? Our OT dept., will loan them for temporary use if the user doesn`t "need" a wheelchair.xx
Thanks everyone,

went to the red cross and had a quick chat with them, I personaly don't think hubby is ready. He was getting upset just looking at one today, any way we're gonna ask GP again. We're also going to have an assessesment done by social services.

Again thank you all for your help.

cheers sam Image
When the Social services do their assessment if they don`t mention a rollator then please do mention it to them. Much better than a zimmer as if gives a resting place too.

Big bear`s hubby has one, so does my Dad, and it has been lifechanging for him.xx