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Wind has it's place but.... - Carers UK Forum

Wind has it's place but....

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This wind is getting on my nerves... Am I the only one? It just won't stop.
No you are not the only one - Im fed up too.
At least I havent lost power, or got flooded, or any thing else......
but I want to be like bimbo-cat and curl up on a bed with my tail over my face so that I can pretend that its not happening Image
This wind is getting on my nerves... Am I the only one? It just won't stop.
Solution......stop eating beans and sprouts???? Image Image Image Image (sorry couldn't resist).
Ha ha ha!!! Image Image Image Image

Seriously though, it's annoying me big time now, plus the soggy ground everywhere I walk (I try to go on a long walk every day, as I'm a bit overweight and need the exercise).

I know I'm really lucky compared to some though, who've endured flooded homes and power cuts for days/weeks on end. Image Parts of the UK are looking like a third world country now. I hope the army can give the right sort of practical help until the weather starts to dry up a bit.
It is beyond a joke now, I hope and pray that everyone stays safe. x x
I was saying to mum earlier that despite all this rain, give it a few months and there will be hose pipe bans coz the wrong kind of rain fell.
I do believe last year that it was because the ground was too hard to absorb the rain due to unusually cold weather over winter. Wonder what excuse the water companies will come up with this year?

I hate sprouts, but love baked beans.... YUM!
My well is full to almost ground level, so everywhere round me is just about saturation level. At the back of our house the "winterbourne" is flowing at about 6" deep most of the time. However, some friends of my son's have just been evacuated from Milford on Sea, as it seems the combination of high tide and wind is going to be too much for the centre of the village. Eldest son collected M to bring him back for the weekend in his Land Rover, much to the relief of the carer who usually does this for us. They found a stranded motorist in water almost deeper than son's wellies, so they did the Knight in Shining Armour thing and pulled the car out of the water. Later they went for a cruise round but couldn't find anyone else to rescue. Eldest son used to do off road trials etc. so he loves a bit of bad weather and always carries tow ropes etc. The local gamekeeper has already sent him a text to make sure he's got a chainsaw ready for tomorrow, as there are bound to be some more trees down on the estate. The wind is said to be 60+ knots at the Needles (pointy end of the Isle of Wight) at the moment. Our own house is quite sheltered but we can still hear the wind gusting all around. I'm sat in my recliner, in front of a lovely log fire!
Wind was diabolical last night - kept me awake till around 3am howling round the building like a banshee (the wind that is, not me Image ) Not as bad today but still very windy !
it has put my painting work on hold, as i cant leave the door open for a few hours for the paint to dry/smell to go. I think tomorrow is sposed to be ok though....so maybe i can do a few walls then - before the next blasts.
Maybe the govt should look into creating more wind power mills & water storage areas...