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will someone pop to the tower of london - Carers UK Forum

will someone pop to the tower of london

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and check on the ravens.
there is an old legend that if the ravens ever leave the tower ,then england will sink.
just saw them flying over my house, lol, think i might go with them as animals and birds often have better sense than us humans Image Image Image Image Image
I thought their wings were clipped? For them the Tower is like Hotel California: "You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave" ..
that's why their wings are clipped ,so they can't fly away .
there is a similar legend about the rock of gibraltar ,if the barbary apes ever leave so will the british.
Wonder what the RSPB thinks about clipping ravens wings? Isn't it against the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to to prohibit certain methods of killing or taking wild animals

1 Protection of wild birds, their nests and eggs.E+W
(1)Subject to the provisions of this Part, if any person intentionally—
(a)kills, injures or takes any wild bird;

etc etc etc? They must have gained some special exemption... presumably?
There is some good stuff here: apparently they now have a captive breeding programme:
Today the Tower's ravens are one of the attractions for tourists visiting the City of London.[3] Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is reported to have been impressed by the birds' verbal skills; one of the ravens greeted each person in his entourage with a "Good morning!".[25] However, visitors are advised not to feed the birds, and warned that a raven will bite if it feels threatened.[9]
Since 1987, the Tower ravens have been the subject of a successful captive breeding programme. For example, over time, 17 chicks were successfully hatched and raised by a pair of ravens known as "Charlie" and "Rhys".[1] Charlie came to an unhappy end]
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravens_of ... _of_London
I think that if the ravens have been bred and reared in captivity since hatching, then the Wildlife and Countryside act doesnt apply because they are not considered wild birds (a bit like pet parrots!). There will still be general laws against causing harm, but I suspect that clipping their wings would be considered on a par with docking lambs tails.
Yes Crocus, and I cant help feeling the two dates aren't entirely co-incidental: someone presumably realised they were in breach of the law and started a breeding programme to avoid complaints.

Heres a wild one I spotted whilst hiking in Tenerife in 2011


Its nothing to do with the Ravens, its all us 'fat bastards' weighing the country down Image
I wasnt suggesting that he did or should sussex. I just meant that although there are wild parrots that it would be illegal to keep as pets, if they are bred and reared in captivity its OK.
Many people think that docking lambs tails is wrong too, I wasnt looking at the rights and wrongs of it - I only meant that its not illegal.
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression