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why recall parliament? - Carers UK Forum

why recall parliament?

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I'm so furious about the recall of parliament today - to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher. Those MP's attending can claim thousands each for interrupting their 'holidays'. Why couldn't they do it on Monday when they're back anyway? If they have to do it at all. On top of £10 million at least for the funeral, how much is going to be spent in total on this - at a time when the poorest are being squeezed on all sides.
Surely if you can afford to be nursed at the Ritz, you can afford your own funeral.

Whenever a minister is tackled about the effects of their policies on the poor or disabled, we're told that 'everyone has to tighten their belts, we're all in it together'.
It's no surprise that this government is clueless about real life for the majority of us. but their arrogance seems limitless. Image Image Image Image Image
Bet they didn't out source the funeral, out to tender the cheapest quote, i remember what she did in the 80's, selling everything off, selling off council houses (right to buy) but didn't let the councils build more housing stock, this is why we are in the sh*t today with the bedroom tax.
They never mention that when they're talking about the burden of housing benefit, do they? Instead of having a stock of social housing for people on low incomes it led to private landlords making money out of buy-to-let schemes, and pushing rents up knowing they'd be paid by benefits. They also relaxed all the rules for landlords making it easier to evict people, harder for tenants to complain about poor maintenance etc.
There was an interesting discussion similar to this in a live chat forum last night..amongst other things it was mentioned how about 23% of the original 1 million homes sold to council tenants were resold asap for profit & how 38% of those 1 million buyers wound back on the social housing register within 3 years.
The new 1 million home owners elevated credit status led to many tempting/unscrupulous offers of credit which led to many re mortgages & mass credit card debt.
Boom & Bust.
So yes it can be argued that it fuelled the economy & fans of Mrs T said it was great for Britain but as they make the costly recall of parliament they might want to recall with the greater clarity that time brings what Mrs T,s magical legacy really was.
And it was the deregulation of the banks in the 80s that lead us to the mess we are still suffering from now - which the Tories have somehow managed to blame the welfare state for. The millions of 'hidden unemployed' were created by the policies of the 80s - the deliberate decimation of working class communities and lives, the wrecking of job security and decent work to take a pride in.

I agree that parliament should not have been recalled, but at least Glenda Jackson got her say Image
Didn't hear that,what did she say? I switched on, saw Norman Tebbit and switched off again Image
I read that each attendee to Parliament got £150 just for going to speak about Mrs T.
Add to that the booze, the lunch breaks, the dinner breaks, the coffee breaks.

I won't be attending her funeral.......
Didn't hear that,what did she say? I switched on, saw Norman Tebbit and switched off again Image
It was a brilliant speech - and she's such a good speaker! Wide-ranging about the various evils of Thatcherism. Heckled all the way by the Tories of course. She had a special mention for the crumbling schools of the 80s, the failure of care in the community, the huge numbers of homeless people. In particular the 'spiritual' aspect of Thatcherism - the culture of 'things', avarice, greed, me-first. Brilliant.

Also, the rejection of the idea that somehow Thatcher was a woman that other women should look to as some kind of feminist icon. I totally agree with the rejection of that, am really offended by the idea that Thatcher should be seen as some kind of model of womanly success - cruelty is cruelty whatever your gender.
Thanks for sharing the link Silverday, and very well said Glenda!