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Moving on with my life? - Carers UK Forum

Moving on with my life?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Probably not a very good title but I seem to be stuck in a massive rut.

I lost my Mum a year ago who had dementia and was nearly 97 and I had looked after her for 14 years since my Dad died. Although she was in a lovely care home for over 3 years I visited her every other day and sat in the garden with her and brought her back here when she was mobile enough and also took her out in the wheelchair.

8 months ago my daughter (LD and autism) moved in with her boyfriend and she has been my life for 37 years! She still needs quite a bit of support but obviously not 24/7 like it was before.

So for the last year I have been trying to move on but I spend most days at home doing not very much. I knit, crochet, read and meet friends for coffee sometimes which I enjoy. I have never watched so much TV in my life. I don’t seem to have a focus any more. I promise myself to take a daily walk but that is rare now and any excuse gets me out of it. I get on the sofa and don’t want to leave it!

When I was caring for Mum and daughter I never got any “me” time, now I have so much and can’t seem to motivate myself.
I am considering volunteering somewhere but I don’t suppose there is much going on due to covid at the moment.
Anybody else feeling like this?
I know exactly what you mean!
As you know, I love going to Crete where I have made great friends with others guests. We are desperate to meet up again in the sunshine and enjoy each others company.
Life is so "flat" at the moment, and I hate the cold, so do my arthritis bones.
Our steam engines have been invited to shows this year, the boiler inspector will be here in 10 days time to do the annual inspection, but will the shows go ahead now?
So I'm living in limbo. I do NOT want to volunteer for anything, I want to get out and about again, feeling safe to socialise again.
I understand too.
I don't want to volunteer. Thought about it but don't want commitment. I am looking forward to having day trips with my friend again and going for meals in comfort.
I force myself to walk. Had a new fit bit for Xmas and it's encouraged me. I always feel better for going. Perhaps if you can tell yourself it will be worth it.Maybe to be able to get going on the garden containers . Luckily I have my family who call in regularly. They are back to busy lives. My role has changed, and so has yours. It's trying to adjust.
Many carers support groups have support groups for x carers. These are particularly good and many understand your situation. This maybe a place to start and make new friends and find different hobbies etc.
Jackie, I have started you a new thread here https://www.carersuk.org/forum/specific ... n-mh-44915

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