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Who do you think will be Strictly champion POLL - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Who do you think will be Strictly champion POLL

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Think Mark should have gone (although I do like him) but very pleased for Silverday's mum Image
Humph! Is all I can say - being a rugby fan, wasn't too pleased about Ben being voted off! Image
think a lot of female viewers are with you on that one Image Image Image
I mean if there's a choice between watching Mark strut his stuff and Ben strut his then who are you going to choose - no contest Image
Me too (though Mark does make me laugh) - thats why I thought the dance off might have been between Mark and Sophie.
Well, natalie in the dance off was a surprise Image No surprise that she got through though.
It had got to the stage when I didnt want any of them to go Image
I thought Susanna and Patrick would have been in dance off, with Susanna being the one to go. Shows how wrong I was... Image Image

For me Natalie is by far the best dancer but I have taken a liken to Abby. She reminds me of my youngest daughter, who even being an 'adult', gets excited so easily. Image
I think Susanna benefits from the Kevin from Grimsby fan club.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Aljaz although an unkind friend did say that I was far too old to be lusting after a 23 year old Image
Looking forward to the final this weekend and my favourites Abbey and Aljaz are in there where they should be.
I have enjoyed how they have both progressed through the show and are the most improved.
Natalie has plateaued with both Susannah and Sophie both catching up in style and skill.

I just love how down to earth Abbey is and she is just so thrilled to be in the show each week. My neighbour says she looks absolutely gorgeous until she opens her mouth but I just think she is awesome and love the scouse accent. Also with me living in Stoke (my family are from here originally) she is married to Peter Crouch who plays for Stoke (not that I support any football team).

So even though I like the 2 remaining "S"'s I am routing for Abbey - you go girl Image
Im really fond of suzanna and love the way she really goes for it each time, but I think abbey has got to be the tops. She has improved so much and her salsa was stunning.
Mum wants Susanna or 'the Liverpool girl' to win. She doesn't like Natalie after reading in one of her women's magazines that she has had lessons...
Jill read that Natalie used to be a professional dancer until she did her back in. Thats not fair on the others and we dont think she should have been allowed in the competition! Image
78 posts