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Which I pad is best?

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it also depends if you want to get 3G. This will enable you to download things anywhere you are (obviously if you can get a signal, just like a mobile phone) and if any games/apps need a connection. Otherwise you could just have a standard tablet and use a wifi conection.

I currently have an Iphone 4S and the battery gets zapped very quickly. I end up charging it at least once a day if not twice. I believe the Ipads are the same (but believe the mini is slightly better - dont quote me on that though) but Im not sure about the other tablets such as samsungs, googles etc etc
Thanks Aussie, didn't realise how often they'd need charging - presumably you can get an in car charger then. I'm tending towards getting a 3G, so I can use it easily when I'm away, and the sat nav facility would be useful. A friend came to stay from Australia, he had an ipad almost as big as my laptop screen, but someone I see regularly has a slightly smaller one, which fits into her slightly larger than average handbag. I don't intend to watch films, just emails, and Google. If I'm reading, I want to do it the old fashioned way, with a book! Are there any disadvantages to the smaller ipads? I'm used to using wireless gadgets, I have a small wireless printer, HP Envy, in my downstairs bedroom which is really useful for an insomniac!
Looks like it will be the Ipad mini then, thats the smallest and most recently launched. You can certainly get in car chargers even docking stations which will act as a charger and a speaker system. Theres many gadgets out there that can be used. You could even have your home wired up to run everything from the Ipad!!! There was a piece on the gadget show where they closed the windows, curtains turned on the lights and other things in a house in Dubai whilst in the studio in the UK!!! Modern technology Image Image Image

I use my phone all the time for games and work ( it shouldnt really be in that order!!!) Image Use it for claiing, emailing, and looking up addresses/info online. This is why im always charging. But when you get it if you turn off your roaming for all the apps you dont need then this will help to save the battery alittle more (I made that mistake when I first got it).