Which football club do you support?

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Peter_161112 wrote:I there.My name is Peter and I am new to the site.I am a spurs supporter as a schoolboy I played for East London,London schoolboys and I got into the final 28 for England schoolboys,so of the personnel I played was Harry Rednapp,he went to West Ham and I went to spurs,I sighed app pfo forms and had a great time there and every time Cliff Jones went on Wales duty I would train with the first team and that was amazing.Just alittle bit.Cheers Peter
We have some really varied talent on this forum: welcome Peter - do you still play? I was never a proper football player myself, my sports were caving and climbing. Here's the kind of thing I used to be able to get up:


Doubled post and sticking again grr
Omg Scally. It's made feel faint just looking! When we went to Clovelly in Cornwall I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of the steep roads. Lol. :o Lovely place though.
Husband is a Manchester city supporter including the ladies team,myself I am a Wolverhampton wanderers supporter.