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Which football club do you support? - Carers UK Forum

Which football club do you support?

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Me, and my boy, singing from the terraces at Ibrox on a freezing cold afternoon along with 45,000 fellow Rangers fans .... proud season ticket holders. And yes, we won today against Dundee, albeit in the last minute of injury time: oh, the agony of waiting for 93 scrappy and indecisive minutes, and then the ecstasy of that single, beautiful goal!
Being a fan has a masochistic or stoical side, but for some reason, it brings out the inner Yorkshireman in me: I imagine my grandfather and great grandfather standing beside me on the terraces, with their bovril and their pie, their flat 'ats, and their scarves, exhorting the shivering lads on the pitch to slaughter the opposing team in the most bloodthirsty vernacular terminology: there is something strangely satisfying about the fact that some things really do not change. B)
Robert doesn't know it yet but a couple of Partick Thistle players are coming up to the hospital next week to visit him. Its been organised through the disabled supporters club so here's hoping it cheers him up a bit.

Great! I'm sure it will cheer him up.
Football? is that the silly childish kicking game where grown men pretend to be hurt when no-one has even touched them and earn millions to be prima donnas? Sorry, over sarky there, but you will get that I'm not any kind of fan. Boooooring, like cricket and so on. I can watch a good game of bowls though. (Or some of it). Each to their own as they say. No offence intended, just expressing my 'inexcusable?' lack of interest. My answer is 'none of them'.
I took more of an interest when DD 2 met her now husband. He was professional footballer. No.... she's not a wag lol. Middle grandson loves his footie too, so I try to take interest. Note I said try. Also hubby loves sport. Am glad to watch it with him now at the home. He support Blues by the way.
Must admit I'm with you Elaine, re cricket. I will watch it with hubby if he wants it on now. Anything that's a talking point. Do not remotely understand it!
Sorry Scally, sort of gone of topic. Sounds like you had a great time with your son.
Must admit I'm with Elaine on this one. Why would grown men possibly want to run up and down a field in the mud chasing a ball like a 5 year old when they could be helping at home doing the hoovering and ironing?
Putting that aside. If I had to pick a team it would probably be WBA or Aston Villa as Dad grew up in Blackheath.
I have no interest in football as you can tell but why oh why hasn't Southgate got the England manager's job? He seems like a nice man and no I am not racist but he is English!
Sorry Scally, but I'm with Elaine and Henrietta too :blush: But I'm glad you and J had such a good afternoon :)

Think you need some more of the guys to answer this one :lol:
Me? Used to cringe when that dum dum dum di dah dum match of the day noise came on tv
So erm,errr, nope can't join in your passion for The Game, Scallywag.
Pleased you guys have fun.
How very odd! after posting that yesterday, my Grandfather visited me in my dreams last night, and I was treated to a visit back to the fantasy youth of my past - it bore very limited relation to the real person or places, but it was fun nevertheless.
Newcastle United of course :P . Even did my courting days in the Leazes end of the Newcastle ground.

I know times changed but I preferred the game late70's/early 80's. Queueing to go through turnstiles, standing on concrete terraces. Blushing at some of the lyrics in the songs :blush: :o . Players getting out of their cars and just being part of the crowd walking to their entrance, talking away with fans, signing programmes. Nowt like the so called 'celebrity' status they get today.

Loved Leeds team too, when likes of Billy Bremner and co played. Proper dirty hacky scruffy tackles but no diving from those brought down, just up and carry on with the game.

Cryff was my fav player of all time.