where do you all live?

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Hello, i am Cornwall, right near St Ives, just wondered where you all live and are there any others in my neck of the woods?????
Hi Janet- sent you a PM
Hi Janet, very often we are discussing personal sensitive issues, so don't say exactly where we live. I usually say I live in the "New Forest" which covers a huge area, but many people have visited the area on holiday, as I have yours. I found parking out of season so dreadful we didn't stop!
Live ?

Abode under Nestor , my chosen avatar.

No problem indentifying where , many come in , nobody escapes !


Taken 2 days ago , 40 yards away , from local rag.

Some of the local zombies on the manor.

Psychoactive drugs now the local currency for many.
Near Ashby del la Zouch. But born and bred a
East End Londoner.

Bred? Well, dragged up. :lol:
But born and bred a
East End Londoner.
A won't ask for fear of a straight red ?

Boleyn or Brisbane ? District / Metropolitan or Central ? Chicken run or the west side ?
One's now rubble , the other's just about to be.
South Birmingham. Quite near lots of countryside,& Stratford upon Avon.
Have very fond memories of St Ives, New Forest, and lots of places I visited with Hubby.
Shropshire ,little village ,mentioned by A E Houseman in one of his poems .
Also mentioned in the Doomsday Book ,although the spelling is different .
Smack right in the middle between Newcastle and Sunderland. Naturally lean towards the black and white colours :D :D :woohoo:

x x
Hi we live in Surrey.