I thought this was funny. I was rubbing some cream into my Mum's feet tonight and I asked her if her feet tickled. She said positively "THEY used to but they don't any more" and we both admired the fact that she didn't have ticklish feet. At what point do your feet stop feeling a tickle? (Oh.....I've just realised.....). Well, we had a laugh because she said that she used to tickle my toes when I was little because it made her laugh so much (ha.....no wonder I can't bear it) and then it made me think of when I used to tickle my children's toes. Sometimes things are very sweet.

However, just to get the balance right. I have been out in the garden at full moon chucking ice cubes at the tree - just so you know, don't think it's always hunky dory and foot tickling here.