When Is Your Birthday?

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mine is 17th April 1974
Hi add me to the list my birthday is 21 October
13th April and 50 this year! :)
Mine is the 12th of November. I'll be 38 this year. I don't know where the past 20 years have gone; lost in a haze of illness. :huh:
Melly1 wrote:January

Sherlock 10th
Tim_1412 11th
Rea 13th
Lazydaisy 16th 1962
Nilla 19th 1959
Irene_1509 24th
Melly 25th
ladybird (Angie) 28th
Bradstonian 28th


Petal 2nd
Pet66 3/2/1950
Minnie 2nd
Sue 4th 1950
Meg 7th 1954
Phoebe 7th
Pamr1 12th
Paulingreece 13th 1965
Lowrider 15th
Jane:-) 18th 1972
Nelliejo 21st
Gilli 25th 1949
RobinRedBreast 25th
Booksey 25th
bowlingbun 29th 1952


Matt Carers UK 1st 1970
Rosemary 8th 1961
Jimbo 10th 1949
Sianie87 11th 1987
Sajehar 11th
Shewolf 22nd
Heather_1501 23rd March 1990
Barbara S 27th
blueeyes 28th 1946


NanaNana - 1st
Charles 1st
Tracey 1st
Mr Turk 1st 1958
brindleboy123 3rd 1958
Alan_1603 4th
Michael_160312 5/4/88
Del boy 10th 1950
Daffy1 10th 1935
Linda 13/4
Sue_1608123 13th
SussexRox 16th
Stella Entwhistle 17th
Jeanne_16061234 17/4/1974
David_0406 17th
Zoe_2704 27th 1988
Debbie_1605 30/4/1967


Shazi 5th
Just me 6th
Alex 10th 1988
Duncaring 16th
ALR 16th
Emma Forrester 17th 1963
Tammy_1412 22nd
Wren23 23rd 1962
Crocus 26th 1957


Shirley_1408 15th
Bluebird 18th 1965
Elaine 23rd
michele miles 28th


Pauline 4th
Juneo 10th
Mand65 11th 1965
John_1407 15th
Chickenlady49 16th
Belle 25th


George 2nd 1951
Nicola_1981 2nd, 1981
sturdygirl 9th
Kaycee & Emma_15012 10th
richard1411 16th
Kirsty 008 18th
Eun 19th 1959
Busymiss 24th
Maggie Sheep 24th
Hoiqd 29th 1953


Vivian 1st
Mark_140823 7th
JHR57 8th
JohnT 10th 1960
Jacqui 10th
Pixienubbins 18th 1981
Bodger 21st
Amy Green 28th
Marie66 30th


Maggie 2nd
Kat_2011 3 October 1987
Caring Mind 5th 1953
Wifey 5th 1940
Amy 9th ( pixienubbins daughter ) 2002
Diane_16071234 21st
Pete the Paint 26th 1942
Myrtle 28th 1900 ??
AussieEasyBiker 28th Oct 1980


No1mum 1st 1968
JJE 9th
Sprinter 11th
Simon_1501 12th
Ember_1607 12th
Silverday 13th
Amandah 18th
big bear 20th
Deb M 20th
Shazlette 23rd
Scally 27th
Simon Turner 27th 1972


Juggler 12th
Tracie 16th
Amandah 18th 1956
Susieq 19th 1946
Nailtek 21st 1967
Jane Larkin 21st 1961
Gazpode 21st 1955
Cathy Carrington 27th
IRIS_1603 27th
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Hi Mine is 18/12/1956 !!! The dreaded BIG one this year !!
Mine is the 18th. Of October...:)
Jayne 16th June 65
My birthday is March 1. I was born in 1977. This year, I will be 40 years old this year and I was born in Boulder, Colorado.
Mine is 31st August 1940.
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