When Is Your Birthday?

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I'm going to be 16 on Monday!!! (Think about it).
16 on Monday? Too hard, unless you really were 8 years old when you joined the forum.
Try again. I'm having my 16th birthday on Monday, and my best friend and I are going to have lunch at the Chewton Glen Hotel to celebrate.
Monday is 29th February - 2016 is a Leap Year - so Bowlingbun will only have had 16 'official' birthdays :lol:

Enjoy your 'special' day BB :D
Iris My birthday is December 27th
Mike April 5th 1988
Today - 22 March! Its my first birthday since Mum passed away - another milestone. I had a couple of wobbly moments earlier but it's been a beautiful sunny day here, so I made the most of it and gave the lawn it's first cut of the year. The sunshine was very therapeutic and one of my presents from hubby was a rose plant, so I'll be planting that quite soon. Time to look forward.

BB - your post about your leap year birthday made me smile. Do you celebrate on 28 Feb or 1 March on the non leap years?
My birthday is 4th April.
Pet 66 3/2/1950
Debby 30th April 1967
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