When Is Your Birthday?

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My birthday is October 18th. I'm a Libra.:)
I'm another on 24th August :)
Mine is th 9th of October

Many famous people have this birth date

I have a feeling many people plan to start having a baby just after January the first.
7th may even know my father always said it was the 6th
My Birthday is 19/8
My 62nd birthday will be on 29th December
I will be the answer to life, universe and everything on the 22nd Jan.
Melly1 wrote:January

Sherlock 10th
Tim_1412 11th
Rea 13th
Lazydaisy 16th 1962
Nilla 19th 1959
Karen_1712123 22nd
Irene_1509 24th
Melly 25th
ladybird (Angie) 28th
Bradstonian 28th


Petal 2nd
Pet66 3/2/1950
Minnie 2nd
Sue 4th 1950
Meg 7th 1954
Phoebe 7th
Pamr1 12th
Paulingreece 13th 1965
Lowrider 15th
Jane:-) 18th 1972
Nelliejo 21st
Gilli 25th 1949
RobinRedBreast 25th
Booksey 25th
bowlingbun 29th 1952


Matt Carers UK 1st 1970
Matteo_1508 1st 1977
Rosemary 8th 1961
Jimbo 10th 1949
Sianie87 11th 1987
Sajehar 11th
Shewolf 22nd
Heather_1501 23rd March 1990
Barbara S 27th
blueeyes 28th 1946


NanaNana - 1st
Charles 1st
Tracey 1st
Mr Turk 1st 1958
brindleboy123 3rd 1958
Alan_1603 4th
Michael_160312 5/4/88
Del boy 10th 1950
Daffy1 10th 1935
Linda 13/4
Sue_1608123 13th
SussexRox 16th
Stella Entwhistle 17th
Jeanne_16061234 17/4/1974
David_0406 17th
Zoe_2704 27th 1988
Debbie_1605 30/4/1967


Shazi 5th
Just me 6th
Alex 10th 1988
Duncaring 16th
ALR 16th
Emma Forrester 17th 1963
Paul Graham Edward _1707 7th
Tammy_1412 22nd
Wren23 23rd 1962
Crocus 26th 1957


Shirley_1408 15th
Jayne _16101 16th
Bluebird 18th 1965
Elaine 23rd
michele miles 28th


Pauline 4th
Juneo 10th
Mand65 11th 1965
John_1407 15th
Chickenlady49 16th
Belle 25th


George 2nd 1951
Nicola_1981 2nd, 1981
sturdygirl 9th
Kaycee & Emma_15012 10th
richard1411 16th
Kirsty 008 18th
Eun 19th 1959
Sarah_1708 19th
Busymiss & Pauline_1702 24th
Maggie Sheep 24th
Hoiqd 29th 1953
Anne_16081 31st 1940


Vivian 1st
Mark_140823 7th
JHR57 8th
JohnT 10th 1960
Jacqui 10th
Pixienubbins 18th 1981
Bodger 21st
Amy Green 28th
Marie66 30th


Maggie 2nd
Kat_2011 3 October 1987
Caring Mind 5th 1953
Wifey 5th 1940
Amy 9th ( pixienubbins daughter ) 2002
Colin_1705 9th
GITIT 18th
Diane_16071234 21st
Pete the Paint 26th 1942
Myrtle 28th 1900 ??
AussieEasyBiker 28th Oct 1980


No1mum 1st 1968
JJE 9th
Sprinter 11th
Simon_1501 12th
Ember_1607 12th
Silverday 13th
Amandah 18th
big bear 20th
Deb M 20th
Shazlette 23rd
Scally 27th
Simon Turner 27th 1972


Juggler 12th
Tracie 16th
Amandah/ 18Amandah27h 18th 1956
Susieq 19th 1946
Nailtek 21st 1967
Jane Larkin 21st 1961
Gazpode 21st 1955
Sarah_171212345 29th
Cathy Carrington 27th
IRIS_1603 27th
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Please note folks, you can enter your birthday on your user profile and the forum will automatically announce your birthday on the forum, to remind everyone to wish you a happy day.

My birthday is May 12
Here is mine birthday : 04-05-1990
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