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The Speakmans....

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Has anybody been watching ITV's 'the Speakmans' and thinking that it's impossible?
No sorry, seen it advertised but didn`t think it was my cuppa tea.

Apparently they spend an hour with somebody with what appears to be extreme mental health difficulties, and then they are 'cured'. As many people know, individuals with mental health can spend weeks, months and even years trying to get to a point where they can actually manage their own mental health. I feel like the programme is flawed and undermines mental health. Just a rant, but I was curious about what other people thought.
I distrust anything like this automatically. Seen too many "cures" for autism, for example, that were at best misguided.
Yes we've been watching it and I find it sad that folk with obvious mental health problems are paraded on TV for our so called 'entertainment'.
I find it depressing television, like Jeremy Kyle and big brother. :cry:
Yes I have been watching it and find what they do really impressive
My sister's a fan of the show although critical of the couple involved. I don't watch it so can't give a balanced opinion, but I'm suspicious of quick cures in general. I would imagine the media circus around the participants is so primed to gain a 'eureka I'm cured!' response, that this is the response the particpants invariably give, even if it's not authentic, or exists only in the moment. A bit like a clapping seal. I would be surprised if any follow-up was done.
Ive watched a couple of progs and what odd people they are. I'd like to know what training or qualifications they have actually. Seems to me they just keep repeating things to the "client" and talking a bit louder. Crazy. I imagine they are making loads of money.