Bad news

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The hospice phoned this morning to let us know that Rob's best friend died this morning. Craig was 29 he had developed a chest infection and passed away. Another DMD warrior gone - thats the 4th one this week - the other two were 14 and one was 16. :( I hate this disease.

So sorry to hear the news Eun.

RIP Craig
So sorry to hear this, Eun. An example of why the petition regarding treatment for DMD needs to be highlighted all the more to prevent more deaths.

Please sign the petition "Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy".

You can read more and sign the petition here: ... -dystrophy

Time's running out for too many people.
Sorry to hear your news Eun. I feel so sad for the families, and your own, still battling.
How very dreadful - it makes us hug our own children just that much tighter.

What a cruel world we live in -

Kind thoughts - Jenny
Thats very rough, so sorry.
Thinking of you all Eun. Xx
So sorry to hear that, Eun. What a tragic loss of life.
Sad news indeed Eun - the fourth one in a week, and so young!
So sorry to hear that, Euan ,and so young. xx