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what time do you finish for the day? - Carers UK Forum

what time do you finish for the day?

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I have just finished for the day..hubby now making tea .

I am usually quite tired by this time, having been on the go since 8 am.

What time does everyone else finish for the night?,

Some people I know will be having to care through the night too. That must be extremely difficult.

My hubby just does not sleep well at night often only getting four hours per night.

He is usually pretty tired during the day.
I start at 7:00am, in a fairly relaxed manner, carer arrives (four days only) at 9:00am and is gone by 9:45am - I'll put my wife to bed some time between 10:00pm and 11:00pm, I'll play around on the 'net until about 12:30, then to bed and read until 1:00. Start all over again at 7:00.

During all of that, my wife does nothing except eat, drink, poo and pee, no-one ever makes me a cup of tea.
Best I can do Ajay!
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Thank you Pet, much appreciated. :)

You do have a way with words lol..made me chuckle!

But, that's hard on you.

Well done for doing the caring for so many years. Can't be easy.
A long day here too, feels even longer now it's Lockdown.

My day stay starts when S wakes up - best case scenario 8 a.m. worse case scenario 5.30 a.m. If its before 7.30am I try and ignore his vocalising - but manage short dozes at best. Get a short time off the he is using his iPad after lunch, a short break when he goes upstairs to relax before his afternoon snack and a few mins to self after dinner whilst I clear up. The rest of the time - joined at the hip - he needs more even reassurance than usual.
He goes to bed between 11pm and 12 midnight. Sometimes awake and vocalising until the early hours and sometimes awakes in the night. Sometimes I stay up late just to have some 'me' time but then am even more tired due to not enough sleep. Sometimes just fall in to bed straight after S.

Your days seem just as long as mine. Actually slightly longer.

Its frustrating when they go to bed so late isn't it.

And no real breaks are a real pain!

Tonight has been even trickier than normal..
Had to clean kitchen from top to bottom this evening as son is cooking tomorrow and he has to have everything immaculate.

Took hours..i sound messy don't i Iol, if my kitchen needs that much urgent attention! I'm not really just a chaotic life with two boys!

Just about to sit down exhausted at 11.30 pm when I realise bathroom sink almost completely blocked.

All my usual efforts..straw..boiling water did not work.

Thinking of ordering a plunger!

In the end so exhausted put a sign on sink and bathroom door to say use sink in cloakroom!

Felt slightly better after tea and four chocolate biscuits!

Honestly don't feel these long days and nights van go on..especially the nights.
I am an ex carer but recall those days (and nights) vividly. I don't have any solutions, If I did, I would have used them myself but my heart goes out to you.

I think it is like caring for a baby, you need to rest when they eventually do
I am going to bed. I fall asleep when my baby sleeps.
@Cloudygal its funny you mention clogged drains

When you go to bed put some Pepsi/Cola (the more acidic the better) down each drain and just let it do its thing

Then in the morning just throw some boiling water down to rinse it through and your done

We don't even drink the stuff its just handy to keep a bottle under the sink as its so cheap.. its just an added perk if we have a visitor that happens to drink it as well lol :)

More or less the same concept as putting vinegar/baking soda down it which some do.

Although I think it is still a good idea to have a big bottle of Mr Muscle, put like a cap full (the lid) down the sink couple times a week as maintenance, your doing just enough to stop any gradual build up but the bottle will last ages.