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Dentists... who needs them? - Carers UK Forum

Dentists... who needs them?

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Dentist’s really scare me. I have an appointment at 2pm. NOway! But if I miss it, I’ll never get one again;
I already cancelled the last one.

Be brave oh Noble Amrak !

The dentist is probably more scared of you biting him :lol: :lol: :lol:
I must’ve brushed my teeth about four times before I went to the dentists. THEN I got into my head to use a disclosing tablet.
Try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of the bright pink tongue before I saw the dentist.

She knew immediately that I’d used a disclosing tablet when I opened my gob.

“Well, at least you know what a disclosing tablet is…

The good news is that my teeth are in fine shape; the bad news is that I’m losing a battle against my gums.

“What! Despite all that flossing and using those pink mini loo bush things?”

“I can refer you on to our ‘Stop Smoking’ clinic; they can give you Zyban.”

“You have got to be kidding me! They gave me that years ago…

Actually, the new drug is called something else, and I couldn't remember what the old one was called -until now - but I do remember that I landed up in A & E because of it.

"So no Chapix then...


I ended up NOT having a filling, but ended up having an appointment for a Stop Smoking Councillor I think I had before!

I'm to see Ruth at 9.45am next Wednesday. Maybe 2nd time lucky?
I hate the dentist too. Not because my teeth are bad but I always get a lecture about my gums receding etc...due to my smoking. :(
It's not easy giving up ciggies. I think I tried it all.
Am trying the new shisha pens and so far so good . And the flavours that you can get are actually really yummy. So much so that I am probably hooked on them now regardless of nicotine content .But knowing my luck there will be some sort of report in the near future saying they are just as bad as smoking normal cigarettes, lol
But am hoping that in April when I have my next check up there will be some change and not lecture ;)
What are these Shisha pens? I'll give them a go!
Found this site which explains what they are etc.
Hope that helps :)