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What little thing made you smile today? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

What little thing made you smile today?

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Sprinter/Dotty you both made me :lol: :lol: (Sprinter good job it wasn't the bike handlebars you were chewing on in error for ice lolly, that thought conjures up a very funny image).

Birds in the garden nibbling away at the food we've put out for them, we have a pair of robins who regularly visit, not been able to get a pic of them yet.
Update from my son in Afghanistan...... he is safe and well but enduring sandstorms,always good to hear he is safe :)
That is good news David. :)

For me listening to music and exchanging emails with a friend. :)
Thanks no1mum..... its good to hear of him :)
Always good to keep in touch with a good friend :)
I like to keep in touch with my friends. :)
Yesterday, beautifully sunny, sat in garden and (Queenie) one of the chickens fell asleep on my daughter's lap. The delight on her face was lovely, couldn't get the camera in case it woke her up. A memory gem for us both.
listening to DAVID SCAMERON telling the world he was with the veterans last night many of them in their nighties or was that 90`s
He was a hero then, he's still a hero now.

Bernard Jordan
I find the word "hero" very difficult to use not one veteran would ever claim to be a "hero" they were just doing their job , as we do. for my father Field- Marshal Keitel was a hero as he saved him and 2 of his mates from a firing squad near Vimy France in June 1940 yet Keitel was executed as a war criminal he was probably just obeying orders .. sadly both of my parents took the lives of others during WWII Stan fought against the 2-3 Panzer divisions from May 15th - June 3rd 1940 no retreat to Dunkirk for him and 65-000 others - mother was on the anti aircraft heavy ack ack mixed battery in London and Windsor 1939 - 45 and hate the use of the word hero they like me just cant get their heads round the word...Stan's cousin BILLY NESS parachute regiment aged 90 is over in Ranville as we speak he was wounded at Pagasus and made it right through to Arnhem .. like most veterans he would never call himself a hero just a young lad doing his job... if people use the word it`s fine by me but veterans always feel uneasy about it
I think of them as heroes - but I noticed that every veteran I heard being interviewed said something along the lines of what you have said, just doing our job, etc.

PS I have just noticed your earlier post "many of them in their nighties"
Thanks for making me smile :)
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