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What is this plant??? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

What is this plant???

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I think you may be right. Dad fights to have the heating on, mum hates being too hot. She usually wins.

But I’m glad these plants have different names (I’d love to know what their Russian names were.) Somehow these plants – and their different names - have ‘sparked’ my mum’s memory.

She started talking about the time she visited me in London and I took her to Kew Gardens.

“Do you remember that, S?”

How could I forget? She made me stand guard whilst she was nicking cuttings!

“You’re not allowed to do this mum.”

“Stop being such a fuddy duddy… they won’t miss them.”

So I had to stand guard, jumping from foot to foot, convinced we were about to be arrested over a few stupid plants. Somehow, she got away with it (no CTV cameras then!)

Mums! You can’t live with them…. You can’t live without them!
Me and the triffid!

Brilliant! Just out of curiosity, what were you feeding them? My mum's are nowhere near as good as yours!
These bright green/blue crystals that you add to water as tomato feed. I don't know what they're called as my dad keeps them in a plastic box. But I know he puts one scoopful into a plastic milk container. I put three in to it, and have feed mum's plants with that.
They have loads of flowers on them, and little white buds too. So I think they like tomato feed.
Thanks. M and I will be in the garden centre tomorrow, and so I'll have a look.
The livid coloured crystals are called Miracle Grow. I asked him last night and he couldn't remember (he put the crystals in plastic boxes because the cardboard one went soggy from the damp in the shed.) I asked him again this morning, and he remembered.