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What hobby has kept your interest over time

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I read and make models.Last summer I set up a outside aquarium for goldfish using an 80lt plastic storage box.
The filters kept the water as clear as tap water,but because it was open all round it got covered in green algae.
So I got a glass aquarium for £20,it is nearly 4ft long.Bought it on faceache marketplace,I had to go to Crewe to get it.
The bottom was cracked but a couple of panes of glass came with it.
Fixed it with some silicon sealant and it is now watertight.Got some cheap pine cladding and fixed it around the sides and back,
Then made a lid for it ,bought a garden gate for a tenner and using odd bits of wood knocked up a cabinet for it
Then whet down to the Welsh side near Craven Arms for a canaster filter,it goes under the tank and the the water is taken out ,filtered then is returned to the tank .Got 8 fish in it 4 Goldfish,and 4 Shubunkin .
I can sit and read and watch them.
I did take some photos I will post them some time.
Would love to see your photos, David!
Glad you are still busy with various projects, David. Always very ingenious.

I've had other hobbies that I come and go from but I never really sink my time into them in the same way I do with gaming. Like you I've tried to branch out from playing into making (more specifically making game assets in Blender) but it's just as difficult to stick to that as anything else. Occasionally I manage to make something but the critic in me doesn't let me enjoy it as I should. Equally there's hundreds of started projects that I never finished - tbh I think I've finished only one render over the past 8-ish years, including tutorial projects. And that would be my second biggest hobby in terms of time spent.

That being said I've had some success with modding existing games, which requires less work until you get rewarded, but the motivation to do that has worn off too.
Drawing is mine, and imo it’s a great hobby for ADHD! Because there’s so much variety on how you spend your time!! The subject matter can change as often as you want, one day I’ll be drawing a western scene, for the next month I’ll be obsessed with building designs and work on that, a month later I’ll work on interesting angles and composition. So when I have the ability to hyperfocus I will improve a lot on one specific thing, but when I get sick of it instead of moving on to a new hobby I will just move to a new aspect of drawing that I haven’t spent time on yet!
Photography for me too. Been at it for… something like 17 years. So much so, it became my full-time job. I definitely hit dry spells here and there. But if I can find something about that is new or challenging, I usually get swept right up again.

Cooking is also like that for me. An endless amount to learn and attempt. And it’s very rewarding to eat delicious food made to specifically to my tastes.
Latest two blankets.
Sunset last Tuesday.

Clever lady - who are the blankets for?

Beautiful sunset. Fabulous view.

Yellow blanket was a gift for a friends daughter who is having a little girl, another friend saw it and asked if I could make one for his little granddaughter.
I'll try and find a few more blanket pictures.
Shawl and blanket.