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What 'gets your goat'? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

What 'gets your goat'?

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D heads who use the turning right lane to overtake .
Which ever % of the public who voted tory in 2010 and 2015 .
Most of the people who are on the idiot box .

How about adding atrocious spelling to the list?
The list goes on! Nurses who tell patients in the nursing home' this is your home now' when it clearly causes more distress. Not my hubby but another lady who often says I want to go home. None of my business I know and it is constant. However there's a kinder answer in my humble opinion. I'm not being vain I hope, she said it to me. I said I would stay for now and have your cup of tea and cake , it looks nice. She yes it does and didn't say about going home for the ages .Maybe it was just luck.
I couldn't do that job though.
bowlingbun wrote:Agreed!

How about adding atrocious spelling to the list?
Do you mean me?. :D
Hi David, my comment was prompted by an article on Radio Solent this morning, nothing to do with anyone here. Whilst I appreciate that people with dyslexia and learning difficulties struggle with reading, spelling etc. I don't understand why teachers don't do their job and teach children how to spell. After all, with computers it's really important that you use the right spelling when using "search" in various ways. So isn't it more important than ever before. Blaming predictive text is no excuse!
Predictive text
People who 'can't be bothered'
Supermarket deals that are anything but.
Parking on yellow lines (disabled excepted)
The way men can lose weight more quickly than women
BB I used to be, and I did. Handwriting too. But that was nearly 20 years ago.

Another 'get my goat' from me.
Inappropriate use of the apostrophe.
Hi Elaine, I come from a family where you had to learn how to do things properly, so you only did it once, and took pride in your work. Husband and son both trained engineers, this principle is vital in the work they do.

I consider the idea of not correcting work as it "damages creativity" to be absolute garbage. When my eldest was about 8 years old, his teacher complained about his writing, it was all squashed up together at the top of a page, when there was plenty of space - but it was plain paper, not lined, for the same nonsensical reason.
I've never been able to write in a straight line without lines either.

Premature pulling in front after they have overtaken me and so stealing my breaking distance.

Indicating they are pulling out a parking place when I am just passing them.....
..."Are they coming out to hit me?" Should wait for a traffic gap before signalling a pull out.

Not positioning their vehicle square at a junction when they wish to turn right and I wish to turn left, so blocking my going up to the give way sign.

Not using any of the slip area when turning left.

I could go on and on and on but I won't. :lol:
I think there are more and more reasons for bad spelling- auto correct picking up gibberish from typing in a phone, computers with settings to autocorrect to the USA spellings, youngsters using text speak, typing errors, no wonder young people get confused about how to spell.
One thing that bugs me is the word "taken" seems to be vanishing from the English language. Over ten years ago I worked up in Tamworth and cringed how they all said "took" in the wrong places when they should have said "taken". It seems to be creeping down south and I've heard it lots recently. (Sorry if anyone here comes from Tamworth :D )