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What does your wardrobe say about you ? - Carers UK Forum

What does your wardrobe say about you ?

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Yesterday whilst having a wardrobe clear out I got to reminiscing about certain outfits that I’ve had over the years; remembering the occasions I wore them and thinking about what they would have said about me.

In my teens and twenties there were the junior clerical type clothes – straight skirts and jumpers for work (no trousers or jeans for work back then :shock: ) with more casual skirts and tailored trousers for the weekends – plus full skirts (with lots of stiff petticoats underneath :lol: ) to go dancing in. I can still remember the first outfit I had when I started work – a navy/white dogs-tooth skirt suit with a short sleeved pale yellow jumper underneath; brown court shoes and handbag and a reversible cream/brown raincoat!
At the time my Dad was a Freemason so there were also ‘teen’ evening dresses suitable for Ladies’ Nights.

Then in my 30’s and 40’s as I progressed up the career ladder the ‘junior clerical’ look was replaced with smart dark suits and dresses (remember the ‘power’ shoulder look ? ) with high heels for work and jeans for the weekends. We still went to Dad’s Ladies’ Nights so the short ‘teen’ evening dresses were replaced with long, full-on evening dresses.

As I got to my 50’s and 60’s the ‘smart’ casual look for work became acceptable, so the suits, skirts and dresses were joined with trousers and smart jeans. The high heels gradually got phased out to be replaced with more comfortable lower heels, flatties and boots. Two particular outfits came to mind from this time in my life – a brown dress and ¾ coat combination and a dark red skirt suit with a long-line jacket.

At the time I retired I also started to care for my Mum so the ‘comfortable/scruffy’ casual look became the mainstay of my wardrobe – jeans, jogging bottoms, t-shirts and sweaters were the norm – heels were definitely out and I lived in slippers and/or trainers.

Now I no longer care for Mum and have lost the 3st I put when I was caring for her so my wardrobe has needed a major sort out and re-think – coming up to my 70’s I find that all I really need/want are well fitting jeans for everyday and smart trousers/skirts for outings with friends; plus a couple of ‘dressy’ outfits for special ‘occasions’.

So if someone had looked in your wardrobe over the decades what would it have said about you ?
Mine would probably say "This woman is totally nuts!" I have enormous sliding Nolte mirror wardrobes, a treat to myself when I moved into the garage/bedroom. Two large inner drawers are devoted to "play" clothes, which until recently including my boiler suit (!) suitable for gardening or cleaning/polishing the steam engines or lorry. All navy blue, my summer uniform in days gone by. For summer rallies as visitors, I made a very pretty flowery dress with a black background, so smuts didn't show. My everyday gear is jeans, t shirt, sweatshirt/hoody, and flat lace ups. Sadly, since my knee replacements, my lovely heeled shoes are unuseable. There there's myfavourite "girly" section, pretty sleeveless cotton dresses in various lengths, for my holidays in Crete. When I'm fed up, I leave the wardrobe door open so I can see them, only seven weeks to go now. I have a few stretch velvet suits, sadly unworn in recent years, and then there's my black suit. Last time I wore this to a planning enquiry the receptionist asked if I was the barrister. It's really smart, but I bought it for my husband's funeral. It comes off again the minute I get home. I also have a "Christmas" section, mainly various shades of red. No.1 son looked in my wardrobe one day and said I might as well chuck everything out as I never wear them these days. In happier times I would entertain at least twice a month. After two years spent emptying and selling two houses, I have promised myself that this year the jeans will go away when it gets warmer, and the dresses will come out again!!!
Ha! Well my current wardrobe would suggest a woman who is skint and who can't be arsed to iron :)

Before my boy it was a mixture of power suits and top end fashion, look at me I'm going to a club type stuff. Now the only club we go to is the sailing one :)
I should add that in terms of dressing for occasions I have two categories: clothes with holes and clothes without :)
MumWhoCares wrote:I should add that in terms of dressing for occasions I have two categories: clothes with holes and clothes without :)

:lol: :lol: :lol:
After my husband died, everything in my wardrobe seemed to have unhappy memories, "the last time I wore this we were...... ". Gradually, I bought replacements to stop me feeling so sad so often. I could only afford them thanks to life insurance. Now I have a wardrobe full of clothes I like, but few opportunities to wear most of them. The people I enjoyed entertaining most have all died, split up, or moved away.
My wardrobe is basically crap!
God knows what wearing crappy pants have done to me.... I fantise about wearing a dress.
Here is a dog walker!
BB I know what you mean about unhappy memories. I had a jacket which I had to get rid of - gave it to charity shop. It was a lovely jacket but every time I saw it in the wardrobe I could not take it out to wear it as it made me feel sad - reminded me that I had worn it the day I had cancer diagnosis. I don't remember what else I was wearing that day - only the jacket!

As I continue to care for hubby, my present wardrobe is very practical - trousers, t shirts, jumpers and very rarely skirt - everything washable of course.
I think my wardrobe says I am a slim woman in a fat body. :lol: I love clothes and I love colour and I love fashion. I hate cheap clothes because they don't look or feel good. I would rather have a good make from a charity shop than a cheap new one.

What does annoy me though is charity shop stuff always lasts ..... I can spend a lot on something and ruin it. I bought a gorgeous animal print Mac and it was £150 and I loved it but a few months down the line I caught it on a door and ripped the side open and not on a seam!! :twisted: I've got charity shop stuff I wear for dog walking and outside jobs and they're still perfect.