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I am not only upset, but angry as well.

I booked a place for this day, a lunch also, and was in communication by email with Carers UK. My lunch was confirmed and you would think that if it was cancelled they would have notified me.

Why then, didn't someone contact me to let me know that this was cancelled.

I am sole carer for my Mum 24/7 and was looking forward to asking a lot of questions at this "day out" and in the hope of meeting some other carers in a similar position. I got my Mum up (99 years old) an hour earlier than usual (she was totally confused) and a carer came to sit with her while I was away. I drove an hours drive to get to this only to be told that it had been cancelled two weeks ago. How do you think I feel. I rarely get a day off and was really looking forward to this time off.
Yep ... quite a bit of digging and ... NOTHING appears anywhere on the Internet.

FaceAche ?

Nothing on there ... either under events or posts about cancellation.

Tweeter ?

Pass ... anything on there ?

Search on the main Carers UK site also reveals nothing.

Even searched ... MACYNTHLETH EVENTS NOVEMBER 2018 ... nothing posted on there either.

Livestock market on the 12th. ... street market on the 14th. ... nothing recorded for the 13th.

Any posters displayed in the town on the day ?

Ok CUK Wales ... what's going on ???

Time for some compensation and eating of humble pie me thinks ?

Perhaps those at the local foodbank can shed some light on the non event ... enough carers passing through their doors ?


Perhaps CUK Wales will take a leaf out of their book ... and provide local carers with some form of actual help and assistance where it REALLY matters ?
I'm so sorry to read that. I was sent an invite to a meeting one summer. Having spent weeks in my "bag lady" clothes for a while, it was an opportunity for me to wear a dress, do my hair, even put some make up on. However when I turned up I was told I couldn't stay as it wasn't meant for carers, although my invite had come through the carers group.
I was so, so deflated that I'd made so much effort, all for nothing....and made absolutely certain that in future, carers were not just included, but welcomed.
Dear somethingshort

I'm very sorry to hear that you booked to attend the Carers UK day in Macynthleth and were not informed that the event had been cancelled.

I've just spoken with our Carers Wales office and they said the event was cancelled because only three people had booked to attend. They contacted these three people to let them know that the event had been cancelled, so I'm not sure why you were not contacted. Dawn from Carers Wales will be in touch with you tomorrow to find out what happened.

It sounds like you were really looking forward to attending so I'm sorry that you were disappointed to arrive and find that the event was not taking place.

Best Wishes

they said the event was cancelled because only three people had booked to attend.

Says it all , really ...

Still , saves a cold day in the market square , on a soapbox , with the smell of the previous day's livestock auction hanging in the air , and hoping somebody would rally to the ... flag ?

What does that tell Carers Wales ?

Amser i edrych yn dda iawn yn y drych hwnnw ?

At least have the guts to offer Somethingshort some compensation for the time / energy / monies expended ...