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What do you have in bathroom window curtain blind net etc - Carers UK Forum

What do you have in bathroom window curtain blind net etc

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A rather random question but trying to do some research. What do you have in your bathroom, e g frosted glass, blind, vertical, venetian, pull down, shower curtain, fabric curtain , nets etc etc?
frosted glass in mine - have had net curtains/blinds previously but they tend to get 'mildewy' due to the steam !!!!!!!!!!!
Just frosted glass, nothing to see here, move along.
My upstairs bathroom and my Granny Annexe bathroom both have clear glass, as they overlook the garden, which we like looking at. Upstairs, we have a net curtain (the usual rule of thumb is twice the length of the window, but this one is nearer three, so you can't see into it during the day.
Daughter in law then had a blackout blind fitted and took my curtains down, but now she's long gone I'd prefer curtains, because the room sounds nicer. It's actually about 14ft x 7 feet with a very large airing cupboard.
My ensuite is tiny, just long enough for a bath, but only just. I had pretty turquoise metallic venetian blinds, big mistake! Firstly, they act as a talc magnet, and if the wind gets up when I'm asleep, they rattle and wake me up.
In the rest of my granny annexe, I have white blackout roller blinds, that you can't see when they're rolled up as in front of them there is a white net curtain on a sprung loaded pole, and in front of them some pretty chintzy curtains with blackout lining.
That same arrangement will end up in the ensuite too.

The roller blinds don't catch dust like venetians!
Frosted glass window (about four foot by four foot) with Roman blind in situ. Did have lovely sheer drapes at one time without about five widths in each side! They looked great but oh the washing and ironing of the things!!! Big bathroom, always have window open and shower extractor fan on even when having a bath so place (and window dressing) doesn't get all steamed up! Need a simple life now I'm the wrong side of sixty...well...seventy!! OMG where have the years gone!!!

Roman blinds just need dusting down and, touch wood, seem to keep clean even after 18 months.
Thank you very much everybody, Joan -not sure what "Roman" blinds are?
I've always had fabric curtains hanging in my stoneage igloo and I am being bombarded by people telling me to get rid of them and time to modernise. The plumber put in narrow Venetian blinds which are ok but I like them rolled up to let in max daylight. At night I am so used to just pulling curtain partly back to shield part of bathroom as have frosted glass but I don't really like not having good old fashioned curtains- so versatile and although not blackout curtains- as good as.
I had the curtains taken down today and feel bereft without them even though I never fully drew them, they did what I needed them to.
We have a patterned frosted glass window and a roller blind. The blind is made of moisture resistant material apparently. Time will tell, it's relatively new.

If you like curtains, have curtains! There is no rule that says you can't have blinds AND curtains. Forget the Style Police on TV, who first said we had to take up carpets (I never did) and fit laminate. Then laminate was noisy, the solution, fit carpets!!

My New Forest cottage is full of flowery curtains, and wallpaper with flowers too. It's MY cottage, and I have the decorations I like.
I have frosted glass and a net curtain. It's a small window, and to be honest the net is no trouble to take down regularly and wash ( unlike my other nets). A small point about some frosted glass. At night, when the light is on you can see the in. My friend was waving her son off only last week, when it was dark, and a neighbour opposite was drying herself, very obviously. A net stops that happening. When I eventually get my bathroom refurbished, I m not certain, but the net seems easy to keep nice.
We have plain glass (not overlooked) with roller blinds (as I don't like to look out on "black" at night).

Reminds me of our first married home together - a semi-basement flat with the bathroom at the front. It had frosted glass and we thought that was OK … until some neighbours kindly told us that nothing was left to the imagination after dark! We quickly put up a nice chocolate-brown blind (to match the orange and brown OTT flowery wallpaper - well, it was the early 1970s!).