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Dear all
I am having a "disagreement" with someone on Facebook at the moment. She says that people who do it for a wage are "carers". She tells me I am not a carer - simply a mother but she is a carer. I get dogs abuse when I try to point out if you get paid for it you are a care "worker" and request that our name stops being misused. This person insists she is a 24/7 carer as she cares for her sons when they are not at school and also works in a paid job as a care worker. Does it irritate others when the name "carer" gets misused as it really boils my piss!

Eun, I totally agree with you ,
I agree too !

I've noticed that some presenters on BBC Radio 2 are finally getting the message - I'm thinking in particular of Jeremy Vine who now always makes the distinction that "Carers" are people like us and that those who get paid for it are Care Workers :)

Unhelpfully the dictionary gives this definition
noun. British. A family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person. 'elderly people and their carers need long-term support' ... 'The main carers are family members and friends, and they require adequate support.'
carer - definition of carer in English | Oxford Dictionaries
I'm totally with you Eun! I call myself an unpaid carer because I care for my daughter with Aspergers and learning difficulties and my 92 year old Mum who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimers.

People who get paid a wage for doing so are indeed "Careworkers"

TBH I wouldn't waste your breath arguing with her. Someone I know is on FB every single day posting links about the migrant situation and how everyone who is questioning their age is racist and how wonderful Gary Lineker is for calling people racists. Today she's posting more of it and I was very tempted to write "and why aren't you in Calais helping them if you care so deeply?" she is financially secure, doesn't work and only lives in Germany so she could easily do so if she could tear herself away from FB!! :lol: I believe it's called "moral preening" ;)

You're right and she's wrong Eun .... end of!!
Personally not but as you know I work part time as a paid care worker and I don't regard myself as caring any differently either at home or at work- it is just a label at the end of the day and helping different people.
I see things from all angles and I hope it makes me more patient with care workers at home although I do expect above average standards especially when I am paying for it. I would like to think it also makes me a good care worker as I understand the difficulties and emotions of the relatives of those I care for professionaly.
Having said all that it is a busmans holiday and probably better to do something totally different for paid employment only I haven't got the time or energy to focus on changing job right now.
I wouldn't mind if we were all called the same thing if we all got the same level of pay!!!
Legally, unpaid Carers are enshrined and recognised in Statute Law, whilst care-workers are not, so anyone who chooses to misuse the term to describe paid workers is technically incorrect - through ignorance or sloppiness, rather than malice. In practice these things take a couple of generations to embed, (and the Oxford English Dictionary is probably correct in defining the term as it is popularly used) so I don't get too het up about it.

The OED also refers to people with Downs Syndrome as Mongols, but adds the qualifier that this is offensive: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/Mongol
Have been thinking about this and I have never met a paid care worker who would describe themselves as anything else besides carer because that is what they do. If you drive your own car , then you are a driver but we don't call Tesco's delivery man a driver worker. If we clean our own homes we are at the time of doing that action a cleaner although we don't refer to paid domestic help as cleaner workers.
I understand why unpaid carers get the hump and like to differentiate but really a paid carer is still a carer or they are in the wrong job (yes I know that is opening up a can of worms and many are indeed in the wrong job!)
Personally when I am working I am quite happy to be called dogsbody , or that woman or whatever other labels people throw at me so long as I get paid for it!
I always refer to those who are paid as care workers because that is what they are - working set shifts/hours and earning a wage for doing so. Set hours, holiday entitlement, sick leave. Carers do not have those conditions of employment, simple.

No=one ever told me that I was a carer - I just looked after hubby but did not know that I was entitled to any sort of support. I was a pensioner by the time I found out (too late) that I should have been claiming CA so I have never even had that, therefore I am a carer!
Paid care workers don't get sick pay, no work no pay. Neither do most get set regular hours, I think a good many are on zero hour contracts.