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Whats happened to all our photos? - Carers UK Forum

Whats happened to all our photos?

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Is it just me, but I can't access the photos that used to appear in our messages. They're now attachments, which is bad enough :ohmy: but if I click on them they're either 'forbidden' or a black box appears with a white daisy thing going round and round inside it, and that's it!!!????
This attachment change now means that threads that rely on visual punch, like my fave one Scally's Birds in the Garden, have now been all but ruined.
If this attachment stuff had been in place before, I never would have bothered even looking at Scally's thread, let alone joining in and discovering a new hobby.
I can't see the point in this attachment stuff. It was so much better before when the pictures appeared as part of a post. It had flow and impact then. Now threads relying on visuals (All things Nature, etc) are just plain disjointed and rendered boring by this change. Why? :(
Whenever I find something I really like, I dread those 3 words "New and improved" being applied to it. I was right to feel that dread when I found out the forum was being re-vamped.
No doubt some of the changes will be for the better, but turning our pics into attachments turns these visual threads/posts into something more like business letters instead and robs them of their spontaneity, not to mention their colour (quite literally!) I for one am no longer going to bother to go through the hassle of uploading pics if they can't even be seen. What's the point?
Shame really, but there you go. I shall just have to find another site for amateur bird photographers which does show them properly, and not as attachments.
Maybe Scally knows of one?
Hi Sajehar

Sorry, but it was not possible to copy over photos from the old forum (they're two totally different animals and not totally compatible !) but you can post new photos.

Check out the HELP tab at the top of the page, there is a lot of useful information there -
How to insert an image

There are two ways.

· Use an image that is already on a website by clicking the “Image link” icon - a green photo with a chain link below it. Enter the website address location of the photo you want to display

· Upload an image from your own computer using the Attachments – Add file button below the box where you write your posts.

Click on Add File, then browse your photos and select which one you want to use; then click on insert and then you can submit it.

The attachment squirrel1.jpg is no longer available


Hi Sajehar

Sorry about the loss of your photos. I'm afraid they were a casualty of the change. As Susie has explained you can still add photos into posts but for the old ones I'm afraid it wasn;t possible for us to format them in this way. It's been a big task to bring seven years worth of posts over to a new system.

I don't think I'd be claiming this is "new and improved" forum, it's just new. But it was necessary for us to update to a new forum.

all the best
Thanks for the explanation I thought I was doing something wrong. If people still have the photos could they upload them Please. It would be nice to be able to see them.
I was able to insert a photo in the Birds not in the garden thread by using Edit. :) It might just take a while to get them all back in.
I've just done the same thing to my Tales of Amrak :woohoo:

Will do same for Bird thread. I'm quite quick at it now. Just remember to make a note of the jpeg file numbers and order first at bottom of a post; saves a lot of hair tearing!
glad you got it sorted Sajehar :)

Also there shouldn't be any problems regarding size of photos - as I understand it this forum does the re-sizing (I'm sure Matt will correct me if I'm wrong !)
Hi Susique

Thanks for above info.

[right]I'm just messing around now[/right]
[center]See what I mean :evil: [/center]

Going up in the world! :P

Back to normal now.... I can't find this thank you button :unsure:
Just testing that I don't need to shrink photos.
Just tried to download a unshrunk photo; no can do. Admittedly it was 6mb!!!
What max size do our photos need to be now to be accepted by forum. It used to 250kb, has that increased?