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Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I've just changed my job and nearly finished training but not sure whether I will be able to start as I have asthma- that is to say on various occassions I have had a bad cough and been prescribed brown and blue inhalers regularly for years and get a flu jab. Awaiting to hear where I stand re not having a job that you can do working from home. Hoping I won't just get SSP at a part time rate. I haven't heard anything from the gov't saying the 80% of wages promise applies to those in the vulnerable group, only thiose whose businesses can no longer afford to pay them, so hoping I will still be able to work, not to mention that I would feel truly useless not being able to help someone during this time.
Anyway , I digress, I'm lining up exciting things like cleaning , sorting, gardening jobs at home that I haven't been able to do while caring for many years. I also hoping that dog walking remains permissible. I will go out after dark , find somewhere dead as a dodo and cross the road if I see any humans around. Long may that last or I will go potty.
I had "a sudden rush of blood" and made a cottage pie with some cold beef and a mincer I bought new 10 years ago, and this was the first time I used it. (LONG story!)
Well, we aren't self isolating yet, so although no special olympics, I took S for a walk to the shops to buy his paper and TV mag and he brought me a little something for Mother's Day. The High street was very quiet. We came home and listened to his CDs and surfed the internet. This evening we going to play instant curling - its like a mini curling set you can use in the living room.

Poppy seems a bit out of sorts, hoping she is ok.

Today I did two or three hours of tutoring. I helped a neighbor's fourteen year old do a math paper this morning and it was hard for us even though it was set at the lowest level (grade 1) and for the lowest ability candidates. I then marked it. Then this afternoon after lunch I had another one who was doing a slightly harder practice exam paper at grade 3 and I sat there whilst she did it. Then I marked it using the online mark scheme to help me. Since I could not go to a church service, as soon as I woke up I read my Bible. This evening I will rest, drink a small cup of wine and do absolutely nothing apart from watch a cheesy trashy show or movie on Netflix or see what is on television.
I went up into the attic today , stuff from years ago, scaletrix going to get that out and have a buzz around.
Loads of old computers/games console been years since I played them Mario Kart etc.

I don't know whats happening but if stuck in might as well enjoy myself.
I have pretty much been indoors most of the time for some time now so I guess this lockdown isn't such an adjustment for me..I know it is tougher for others though.

Have been watching a lot of 8 out of 10 cats does countdown which I recommend to anyone who needs cheering up!Have got quite good at getting 7 letter words while Jimmy Carr is redecorating the set or whatever.I love the show when Joe Wilkinson is on.He's not as bad at Countdown as he makes out.
The strange thing is I don't really watch 8 out of 10 cats but I love 8 out of 10 cats does countdown.Why did nobody think of doing a funny version of Countdown years ago?

I wish I could do some baking.I want to have a go at brownies.

What are you all dong now to pass the time?
Undermyduvet wrote:
Wed May 06, 2020 8:37 pm

What are you all dong now to pass the time?
I haven't really changed what I do very much at all. There's still only 24 hours in a day. I've moved my weekly shop from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning, I go to Tesco on Saturday morning every week anyway for a newspaper and to stock up with nicotine, so now I just stay and do the week's shop, and every other week I do the week's shop at Sainsburys in the afternoon.

Other than that, I've restricted how far I drive into the Forest for a walk, rather than using different venues to see/photograph different species, but I still get out most afternoons. It's going to get harder and more tempting to go further afield as more Dragons emerge, but I think I'll stick with it for now.

Boris is making an announcement on Monday about easing the lockdown, I'll wait and see what that brings.
Hi Ayjay

I hope you manage to have some youtime.I guess I was thinking about how people can't get out easily and what they are replacing that with.

Are you into nature?That's really nice.I love seeing stuff on the news about foxes wandering in peoples gardens in the daytime and unusual birds appearing

Yeah,I did hear there's going to be some changes monday.I think they're going to be quite slow.Think what happend to Boris shook him up too so the goverment are maybe going to be more cautious with changes than they would have been.
]I am currently concentrating on the garden, especially the veggie part. As all the vintage rallies have been cancelled for this year, we are now at home all summer, so what better chance will I have to raise the veggies properly this year? Usually, we're travelling on Thursdays, travelling back on Mondays, Tuesdays are spent washing clothes and opening post, Wednesdays are spent food shopping and maybe swopping engines over and Thursdays, we're off again to somewhere else in UK. I don't ask the neighbour to come up, just to water the veggies, so they have to 'like it or lump it', when we're away.
So this year, I'm being very vigilent and caring, whilst I have the chance.
Also, deep in knitting sleeves to cover cannulars for babies in ICU's. Little knitted 'sleeves' which slip on over their cannulars in their little arms or feet, so that their fingers don't grab them or the wires etc and pull them out or dislodge them. I think a baby care nurse in the Southern Counties came up with the idea and my knitting club in Whitchurch, started making them. Since February, I've knitted 124 on and off and I post them off in batches of say 45 (collected in freezer bags) to a lady in Suffolk who distributes them.
Along with normal things like reading (on Kindle) and walking.
Hi Nana, it's really weird being at home every weekend in the summer!! Although we don't go out as much with the engine as we used to, as we've sold our low loader, we would still go to local rallies as spectators.
M knows exactly which show should be on which weekend, he's really missing his "steam friends".
No.1 son is changing one of our sheds so that M's vertical boiler and steam engine will be taken of it's trailer and built into a redesigned shed, then M will be able to light it up every time he comes home. No.1 has done a bit of work on the shed but the bottom of my garden is a suntrap, too hot for No.1 with his auburn hair and fair skin.
Several years ago No.1 bought another vertical boiler and sawbench combination, which will go on a different trailer to take to shows, once they are on again. It's much lighter than M's and will be easier to tow behind one of the Land Rovers.
No.1 bought a 6 cylinder Fordson Major last year to take his living van to shows, he's really gutted that he bought it and there's nowhere to go with it this year.