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Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I looked at the forum new posts all about the virus. So maybe we need to have a thread that bans any mentions of the virus, where we can say what we've been doing because we aren't supposed to be out and about?
So far, I've
Put Polyfilla in various places in my conservatory. I sort of painted the wall before we had visitors, but it was a rush job and I had to leave some corners undone. Five or more years later, I'm getting round to it!
This evening, I sorted out my recipe box. I keep tearing recipes out of magazines thinking "that sounds nice, I must make that, but never do". No.1 son is on call, so we watched "Salvage Hunters" together and I sorted out the recipe box. No.1 said I hadn't made Magpie Squares for ages, and two minutes later I came across the recipe for them too. Flapjack with mint butter icing on top, and then melted chocolate. A bit like Millionaire's Shortbread, only different.
This morning I'm finishing the Polyfilling and then doing some cooking.
Today I have to begin repairing our dining table.

My wife decided yesterday to try and push it through the dining room wall into the bedroom with her wheelchair.

I think it was the first item of furniture we bought after getting married, it cost £8.00, a 2nd hand Oak gate-leg.I stripped the top down and gave it six coats of good quality Polyurethane and it still looks as good today as when I finished it back then.

When she wedged herself underneath it, the flap, which is only supposed to hinge downwards, was pointing at the ceiling and now both sections of the top which receive the hinges are split along the hinge line.

I can fix it, but I really don't need the extra upheaval, Id been looking forward to few quiet days after four lots of urine soaked laundry in six days, a blocked catheter responsible for three of those, yet to find out the reason for the fourth.

All I ever wanted was a quiet life.
To be honest BB I'm dreading it ! I know I'll be going stir crazy before the end of the first week :o

I'm used to going out most days -

collecting little 'un from school twice a week (schools now closed from the end of today)
volunteering in a local charity shop (closing for the duration from today)
Super market shopping once or twice a week (not much point when so much is 'out of stock' due to the selfish numpties emptying the shelves !

I live on my own with just Bertie the cat for company so conversations are a bit one sided at the best of times :roll: I doubt family will be visiting much (if at all) as I'm in 'high risk' category and they can use that as an excuse - they might remember to phone me occasionally but I won't hold my breath waiting for their calls. My sister and her OH (he's also in high risk category) are already planning on self-isolation from next week (glad I got her to cut my hair yesterday !) so no chance of meeting up for a walk or any kind of outing.

I've accrued a few DVDs to watch (if TV continues to be as rubbish as it has been lately and got a few books to be getting on with. I've also got a list of jobs around the flat that need doing - nothing major, just stuff I haven't got round to doing yet. And I do need to get out in the garden as that needs a good tidying up after the winter including jet washing the patio and front garden paving. I've been checking out local walks that I can do on my own (boring with no one to talk to whilst walking) as I must get some exercise - especially as I've put on weight over the winter ( :() and sitting around watching TV won't help !

Other than that will be relying on this and other forums I use for 'virtual' conversations in lieu of the real thing :roll:
Ayjay, you didn't deserve that.
You are the most patient caring husband, I have huge respect for the love and attention you give your wife.
For those of us who have a good dry covered outside space/s. Where we can sit still self isolating distance apart. There is no reason. Not to have people visit. However, if using the bathroom facilities. Be hyper vigilant safe hygiene takes place.

I'm OK with no hugs and kisses or direct contact. I'm not kissing feeling etc. My husband is and has had to really curb is enthusiasm to greet people. Shaking hands hugging and kissing. I'm not really jealous!
Ajay I second BB.
I am taking 1 day at a time. Of late, if I plan( unless it's meeting a friend or family) I get overwhelmed. Don't know why. If I have planned to say tidy a cupboard and don't do it, then it's not a catastrophe! But it can feel like it. Am doing the basics as always. Family are keeping in touch. We are not getting together for the time being as a precaution. Don't like it one bit, but who does! It's the forum saying needs not wants!
I am already feeling stressy! I feel exactly how I felt when I quit. Smoking 14 years ago. Very on edge.
It’s weird because I have lots of things I enjoy doing like reading, knitting, crochet etc. But these are things I do in the evenings really.

In the day I have disinfected work surfaces, loos, door handles etc. I have cleaned out 3 huge drawers. I did some ironing and completed some paperwork I have put off for weeks.

When the weather warms up I plan to do some jobs in the garden.

I already miss meeting up with friends for coffee or lunch.
My day didn't start well, I spilt some tea on a pale blue carpet. Quick dash to shed to GT out the carpet cleaner I haven't used for so long I'd forgotten how to use it! Finally I managed to suss it out, stain now gone. Now I have a square 2mx 2m that is spotless, but clearly the rest needs doing now!!!
My day has been mixed.
DD2 family dog had to have an operation for cancerous tumour in her nose. Very much loved pet, as she came along just as hubby had the stroke and then diagnosed with dementia. She was a distraction for my Grandsons. Home now. I was on edge about her.
DD1 husband came with a food parcel for me. Bits and pieces from Sainsbury's. How very thoughtful. He didn't come in, stayed in the porch, which was a very odd feeling because usually would have a cuppa. He is an ocado driver and said best to keep a distance. Am lucky to have a thoughtful family.
Video of my great Granddaughter giggling for the 1st time is such a joy, and so cheers me up.
I've glued up both sections of the table top today. I'll try and find the enthusiasm to re-assemble it at the weekend. Not looking forward to all those dinosaur screws. I've looked in my stock for some Pozidrives of the right size, but I don't have any.

There's not actually a good Pozidrive substitute for a 7 gauge screw - a 3.5mm is the nearest, but they're a bit mean, 3mm is too small, and 4mm is just a smidge too big. (I can never remember if a smidge is larger or smaller than a tad). :unsure: