What a ridiculous scam...

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Penny wrote:I had a friend request on Facebook today from a man I've never heard of. His profile showed, of course, a very fit man drinking champagne in a beautiful swimming pool and said he had been to New York University.

I've had two or three of these requests from men before and just delete them but I read that many women are taken in by them and then get scammed big time!
I had a few like that via facebook too. There was only one that I actually added as he had over 20 mutual friends of mine and my friends. Once added I got a private message to say he wanted to meet and wanted a photo, so I sent him this and then blocked him. Longer serving members here will recognise it as I once used it as my profile pic :lol: :lol:


:D :D :D
These scams are crazy,
I got a call once telling me the same virus on computer story (they want remote access to look at your info for banking) but at the time I didn't have a pc. When I told him this he asked "Why not?" in an angry tone and I was stunned silence for a few before I exploded at him. Lol
Also Jenny lucks, it's actually very common for people of Asian culture to take (legally) a Christian name. I worked in a sushi bar in London and my teacher was Malaysian and told me his real name but that he took the name Aaron legally over here.
oh come on guys! Don't you know that a certain Nigerian prince is so generous he will give you $10,000 as long as you send him $100 first. lol