Hi, I am new to this site. I have a 23 yr old son with Duplication 15q syndrome,which means he had Autism,Learning probs,And Epilepsy. I work in a school 2 lunchtimes a week supervising children. Up until just before xmas,It was 3 sessions a week. My son has been referred to the local gym,by our GP,due to him being overweight. I went in and explained that I would need a few fridays off,as i can't get into school,due to the time restriction on when he can go to the gym-have to be there when GP referral lady is there- I explained it wouldnt be every friday as sometimes hubby or daughter can take him,but,due to his Epilepsy,he has to have a carer with him. She called the bursar in along with my supervisor,and then the Bursar,told me,I would be losing my fridays as if I had the privelege,then everybody else could have it too! School know I am a registered carer as I get 5 paid days a year off extra.When I started this job,son didn't have Epilepsy.. I have tried to ring the helpline,but can never get through.