What a great start to 2014

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I didn't even know we had a Members' Corner, Image How do I find/use it?
Its the area that roll call is in, jimbo Image
Its a private area that can only be viewed by forum members and doesnt show up on google searches - I tried googling some key words that were in this section, but none of them appeared anywhere in the results.
Jimbo...so very pleased for you both! Where there is a will there is a way as Tony always tells me. He used to take his late so. Sam to Disneyworld along with all the medical equipment etc etc. Not easy as you say but when possible and with the determination like you both had you have the reward of wonderful memories forever.

Hope it can be an annual event for you both!

Bell x
How wonderful. x
Amazing! Fantastic! Fantabulas news Jimbo!!

Well done Jan and you for managing so well.
You jammy devils getting those special deals. I have eaten in Marco Pierrie Whites pub in Wiltshire, The Horse and Groom, but I had to pay his high prices. Good though.

Fancy you not knowing our Members Corner when you post white bunnies etc on it all the time. Ya daft ol' bat! Image Image Image

Really chuffed for you mate. It must have been quite an ordeal for you both, but well worth it. Hope you get up there next year too.
Thought you may like to see some of the photos:


Thats great Jim, thanks for sharing that with us. Looks like a great production and Grandson the star too!! Image
cool. glad to hear you managed the trip ok and had a good time!