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What a great start to 2014 - Carers UK Forum

What a great start to 2014

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We have had a fantastic (and unexpected) start to 2014. As some of you may know our Son, daughter in-law, and grandson (Tom) live in Edinburgh. unfortunately, Jan has considered it to much of a physically exhausting prospect to travel, to Edinburgh to see 'The Kids'. That was until this year, when our grandson was asked to audition for a part in 'A Christmas Carol' to be preformed with a professional cast, at The Royal Lyceum Edinburgh.

He auditioned, and was asked to play 'Tiny Tim', a part he would share with another boy, to comply with the rules governing 'children' working in the theatre. There were to be 28 performances for Tom. Chris Fairbank ( I remember him as 'Moxy' in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), was playing the lead roll of Scrooge.
At first, Jan said she (which really meant 'We') wouldn't be able to go, because it would take too much out of her. This decision made her quite up set and not a little depressed, in fact she said that she wasn't looking forward to Christmas, and would be glad when it was all over. This was right out of character for her. It was a sad sate of affairs form me too. I didn't like to see Jan so down, and I would have liked to go to see our lad, do his stuff.

I do pride myself as being a bit of a problem solver, so didn't give up thinking of way which would, at least make Jan reconsider going. I suggested that if we took her manual wheelchair, VPAP machine, and some clobber, we could probably manage to go. She said 'no' and that 'I didn't understand how hard it would be for her'.

So that was that, or so I thought. We had just kissed good night and were snuggling down to go to sleep, when she suddenly said ' Let's do it', well I was awake in an instant, but she meant let's go Edinburgh. The next day we/she booked flights and a stay at a 'Premier Inn' our son Steve had got us tickets for the final performance, and all was arranged in a few hours. Jan was suddenly very much 'up' for Christmas (which was smashing, we had friends a round on two days) and had a very good time.

in the mean time Flybe, sent me an email, offering me a one night free stay (with free breakfast, at the new Hilton Hotel, at Exeter Airport, Jan would have to be 'my guest', but I would have to pay £10, for her. If that wasn't enough, I also got an email from 'Marco's' Marco Pierre White's new restaurant adjacent to the Hotel, offering me 50% off all main courses. We, gratefully took up both offers.

We flew up on 3rd Jan after spending the night at the Hilton, and having dinner at Marco's.

We go to Edinburgh and Steve met us at the airport, dumped our stuff at the Hotel, had some lunch with Steve and met up later to meet Tom as he came out of the 'Stage Door' Having done the Friday afternoon matinee. The look on his face when he saw us was priceless, he believed that we could no longer go to see them.
He aske if we'd enjoyed the show, and looked a little crest fallen when we said that we hadn't seen it, but light up again when we told him we had tickets for his last performance on Saturday.
We then went to our Son's house (which Jan had never seen before) and spent a lovly evening, and enjoying a smashing meal cooked by our daughter in-law.

The next evening we saw the show, it was fantastic and we were both beyond proud of our Tom. As I say what a great start to the New Year. There is even muted talk of us going up next Christmas too, so it's fingers crossed .
Oh jimbo, that is truly wonderful. What a magical time - I bet you will always remember it Image Image
How fantastic to have those other offers too, I am green with envy.

PS any chance of piccies?
I'm hoping to get some photos soon, Steve's a bit cautious of putting photos of Tom on line, but I expect he will allow one or two , fingers crossed. Image
Sorry I didn't know this had been sent.Image
Steve's a bit cautious of putting photos of Tom on line
Understandable, but if you post photos in the members corner its harder to find them.
I can't tell you how pleased I am for you, reading this gave me goosebumps!
Well done to Jan, hopefully this will boost her confidence for future trips.
I didn't even know we had a Members' Corner, Image How do I find/use it?
What a lovely thing to read. x

Members lounge, if you click on board index you can find it from there i think x
Glad you both had a great time
Wonderful, I'm so pleased for you both. x x