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Weather in the UK this year - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Weather in the UK this year

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If you can afford it there is a company called "Green Thumb" (franchised with branches all over the country) - they come out and apply feed 'n weed at regular intervals and also aerate and scarify lawns (but they don't do mowing). I've had them now for a year and my lawn has improved considerably :) It's actually not that expensive, the plan I have is just over £11 a month, but there are cheaper plans and more expensive ones depending exactly on what you need/want them to do.
Thank-you again Sue.
I will certainly look into it. My son in law is very good, but obviously his time is limited with work and everyday life. X
I remember the summer of '76. I'd had a baby the October before and had, through calorie counting and a strict regime, lost 5st. So for the first time ever (and never since) I had size 8/10 clothes and a bikini. My Dad was recovering from a heart attack at Christmas, I was married to a teacher and we spent the whole of August with Mum and Dad at their seaside home. Lovely summer. Couldn't stand the heat now though. My fingers swell.
Pet. There's a product called 'Green-UP' which I believe is for lawns. Got a packet but never used it on my daisy and weed patch which serves as our lawn.
No, you definitely don't need to water the lawn - about 20 years ago we came back from a three-week holiday to a large lawn the colour of straw, but it greened back up as soon as it had some decent rain on it!

Save your watering for pots, the greenhouse, vegetables/salads and any odd plants in the borders that are obviously suffering (our hydrangeas go very limp in dry hot weather and need a bit of regular TLC!).

I was actually told on a gardening course that you shouldn't feed any plant under stress. Only when it's been watered and has perked up should you consider feeding it.
Like the real sunshine and nice weather we've had recently but don't care for when it gets humid or muggy in the evening's ..
Nor me! Especially when I can't sleep. Mind works overtime
Same here, I hate the muggy nights. Ideally, I'd like cooler nights, with overnight rain to water my garden, followed by dry sunny days and a pleasant cool breeze. Demanding, much? ;)
If you are, then I am!! Lol
A Gardener's Prayer
Karel Capek, The Gardener's Year, 1929

O Lord,
Grant that in some way it may rain every day, say from about midnight until three o'clock in the morning, but, you see, it must be gentle and warm so that it can soak in; grant that at the same time it would not rain on campion, alyssum, heliaanthemum, lavender, and the others which you in your infinite wisdom know are drought loving plants - I will write their names on a paper if you like - and grant that the sun may shine the whole day long, but not everywhere (not for instance, on spiraea, or on gentian, plantain lily, and rhododendron), and not to much; that there may be plenty of dew and little wind, enough worms, no plant-lice and snails, no mildew, and that once a week thin liquid manure and guano may fall from heaven.
Mrs A
Fabulous! Shewolf and myself are asking too much then. Lol