Weather in the UK this year

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Bit of a boring topic, but do you think the weather has been a bit odd this year? Down in Hampshire on the south coast, we often get more sun than the northern regions, but even so we had an awful spring, culminating in several frosty nights at the end of April, followed by mild but rainy/overcast weather through June and half of July. It felt like we didn't actually have spring at all. Then mid July we suddenly went into heatwave conditions - not complaining but I wasn't acclimatised! :D

Today is just perfect down south. Sunny, with a cool breeze. I'm sat on the patio near my best rose plant, enjoying the scent. Soon I'll be picking a few cherry tomatoes - they've been ripening nicely for 3 weeks now, and I've had more fruit from the 2 plants this year than I had from 4 plants last year, so I'm well pleased.

For the first time in ages, I feel pretty good. Thanks sunshine! :D
I always feel better when the sun shines too SheWolf :)

And, yes it has been a strange year weatherwise - but we've had odd years before - anyone remember the heatwave of 1976 ? That was really awful, at the time I worked in New Bond Street and getting to and from work on the underground was sheer misery - a lot of us used to stay at work as late as possible in the hope that the trains would be less crowded and a little bit cooler !
We certainly got off to a late start this year but everything i sbone dry down here now. I keep hearing about rain and storms on the tv but never over my garden! Been on several of my regular dog walks and all the usual wallowing holes are bone dry at the moment.
I remember the heatwave of 1976. My daughter was about 4months old. The heat was overwhelming at times.
My grass is parched. Do I need to feed it? Feel such a novice.
Pet66 wrote:I remember the heatwave of 1976. My daughter was about 4months old. The heat was overwhelming at times.
My grass is parched. Do I need to feed it? Feel such a novice.
Probably just needs a lot of watering Pet :!: Once you've done that then you can apply some feed 'n weed and it should bounce back quite quickly.
And don't give it a really short cut, leave it on about number 4 if your mower is similar to mine, this should help keep it green.
Thanks Susieq and Henrietta.
I have watered it but it still has the brownish look.
Son in has been mowing it.
The hose has split now!
I will get some feed and give it a go.
Garden neglected since hubby's diagnosis and before. Feel very sad about it but it's not going to beat me.
I understand a few showers might arrive Thursday/Friday, so that will do the gardens good.

We've not had any substantial rain for about 3 weeks now, so the lawns will be going a bit brown, but with many people on water meters these days there are fewer lawns being hosed in hot weather.

I water some plants with my washing up water and water collected in a bucket when showering, which helps keep the water bill down a bit. Also we have a water butt, but that is currently empty. It all helps to keep costs down a bit.

PS: Oh yes, I remember the summer of 76. I was a teenager and had nothing better to do than go swimming with my friends, eat ice cream and work on my tan. It was marvellous for people who didn't have to work but probably pretty unpleasant for everyone else.
Grass will bounce back no matter how Brown. Don't bother watering it unless you have oodles of time and money and want it green.
Personally I'm happy to watch it brown from a chair with a chilled glass in hand 8-)
I feel a bit ' thick' re the grass and feed! Wasn't sure if it should just be fed at certain times. Have looked it up and read different advice.
Silly to get upset about grass. Another reminder that I have to maintain everything myself now.
Woe is me over