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Well this is sort of going to be a bit of a learning and info topic really.

Firstly what are everyones hobbies or interests? Im thinking of joining a French class again (loved it in school, but forgotten alot of it now) but I'm also thinking of doing a few other things like horse riding or something.

I would love to gain my private pilots license but think im going to have to save up for a bit to get that one (Loved it when I was bought an hours experience for Christmas once and then won another in a charity auction). Does anyone know anything about horse riding or even of any stables in Devon that would allow me to try riding? Only problem at present Im 16stone - Do not look it (go out running and to the gym etc) but some places have weight restrictions (which I understand - but not very helpful) the lowest ive been was 14.5 at my peak but i am pretty muscluar... No model though, still have a keg. Waiting for the six pack, which will never come!!!
Can't help you there Aussie.
I am short and fat, but I took horseriding classes a few years ago.The stables maximum weight was a lot more than I was,and would have been a lot more than you are at present.It was a lifelong ambition,but always too expensive.I was given a course of lessons after a Carers Assessment. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt! Go for it! After two weeks in the school,I ws able to go out and down to the beach.I went each week after that.I was scared trotting but did get the hang of it in the end,trotting along the sand or in the waves was the most fabulous feeling.
My daughter(a teenager at the time) came along with me for one session,and she loved the beach ride too.
Good luck. ENJOY IT, if you go. Image Image

Funny enough, I enjoyed French in school too, but have only spoken it at a French market since then.I really should have kept it up.Not really an ambition of mine now though.
I'm a little bit scared of horses! Image

Hobbies wise, I love jigsaws in the winter, walking the dog in any weather, used to love swimming but haven't been for ages, and of course keeping my Budgies.

I would like to go swimming again regularly, and do a sign language course,- there is a lovely older bloke who lives near us, he is deaf and doesn't speak too well, but we always have a 'chat', (it's probably quite funny to watch us Image ), but I would love to have a proper conversation with him.
"I'm always happy when I've got a needle in my hand" has been a favourite phrase of mine for over 30 years. I just love sewing and could happily sew my life away - but my carees have other plans for me I'm afraid. I also enjoy gardening, restricted these days to growing things in pots or hanging baskets after two knee replacements. With both of these hobbies, time means nothing, meals have no importance. My OH was passionate about his steam engines and my eldest son is a Land Rover nut, and they are just the same when they have a project too. This was always the key to the harmony at home. I love the idea of being sent on a course of riding after a Carers Assessment. My social worker only offered me a course of education, not fun!
"I'm always happy when I've got a needle in my hand" I also enjoy gardening, restricted these days to growing things in pots or hanging baskets !
Bowlingbun, I'm the same, I love sewing. My mother who will be 90 this month was one of the first female tailors in Scotland, in her days men were tailors and women were dressmakers. I grew up with my mum sat at an old singer sewing machine from morning to night. When I came home from school she would say to me "finish off these curtains/dresses/trousers etc for me while I cook the dinner" little did people know that the person taking up hems on their garments was only 12 years old at the time. I have sewn all my life and now my daughter age 15 is following in the tradition. I enrolled her for evening classes last week. She is so excited. I'm more or less self taught by my mum but I wanted my daughter to learn from a professional as she wants to go on to uni and do fashion and design. I dont want her adopting my bad habits and shortcuts. One of the nicest experiences of my life was recently when I was making a roman blind, me, my mum and my daughter were all down on the floor cutting out fabric and discussing the best method to make the blind. It was lovely sharing the experience of a nintey year old and a 15 years old.
I have moved on to refurbishing old furniture, I particuarly love old dressing tables and ornate chairs. Pulling them apart, sanding them down and turning them into something beautiful. I dont have any time for this these days.
I adore swimming, I was doing 64 lengths three times per week but dont have the time anymore.
I love yoga but dont have time for that either.
I love cooking and enjoy a glass of wine in the kitchen whilst doing so.
I love gardening but like you I am resticted to pots and baskets these days (lumbago/sciatica)
My greatest love is vintage silvercross prams. I love walking for miles with my litle granddaughter in a pram I have renovated for her.
I would love to be able to share my pictures of my prams and furniture with the forum but sadly my talents do not extend to uploading pictures on the pc, I've tried.

Oh yes and I've recently returned to crochet for my new grandchild who is due in 6 weeks, so excited.

My eldest daughter has been attending sign language for about 3 years, she has taught my little granddaughter (nearly 3) how to sign the colours of the rainbow. She signs and sings "I can sing a rainbow" it's very cute.

Image Image Image Image Image
I used to love watching the signing choir at Sarahs school, I would love to know more than I do.
Sturdygirl - I also do jigsaws from time to time. Love the Wasgij jigsaws as does my mum who actually does more than me.

Sign language is also something I have thought about but I think I would leave that till later on if I do as I dont feel I would be 100% committed at the mo.

Also love gardening and making things, especially out of wood. Need to get back to that (got a load of decking offcuts that I will turn into plant boxes). By the time this thread has finished/gone stale I think I may need to be a millionaire to complete suggestions that I would be interested in. Image Image Image Image Image Image Heres hoping... and wishing!!
I thought hobbies were something that most carers had to give up rather then take up...
For me it was an end to sport parachuting. it was the main thing I had to give up I was at Sunderland every day when off work and from Friday night till Sunday night everyone knew where to find me either in the air or sleeping in a hanger ....