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Socks go to the Great Laundry in the Sky when we are not looking. When M. was little, if anything happened in the house, he'd say "Wadn't me" - he had speech problems and couldn't say Wasn't very well. Even now, if we can't find something, "Wadn't Me" is responsible!
I can identify with all of this!
I always find an odd sock, on the stairs, bedroom floor or tucked under the radiator in the bathroom - even when Ive checked everywhere Image
When youve finished the washing-up theres always a missed dirty cup Image
When ever you want a particular thing, like sellotape, tape measure, plant food, whatever, its never where it should be, nor where I last saw it and wont reappear until Ive given up and bought a new one Image Image Image

I once read a short story with the plot that there were aliens on earth camouflaged as inanimate objects - I think it explains a lot. Image
I knew it!
Ok,So screwdrivers aren't instruments of the devil, screwdrivers are aliens with an odd sense of humour instead; no wonder they can teleport themselves.
Wonder if I can track down some dancing screwdrivers to partner the dancing bananas and werewolves on my goddess thing. Maybe dancing will so knacker them, they'll stop teleporting themselves? I do believe that's called applied psychology.
If I keep this up much longer, it's going to be me who needs the psychologist, not teleporting screwdrivers.
I can identify with most of this too - especially duvet covers. I always use sheets top and bottom but when washing the duvet covers the same performance takes place. I even bought "corner holders" from Betterwear, supposed to solve all your problems when replacing covers but nah, the same bother as before - nothing better than grabbing the lugs and giving it a good shake.
84 posts