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Really good news Sajehar. Image

Kiwigaz and others - I also love to get up early. My mum likes to get up at 7.30, so I get up at 6am and have some lovely peaceful time which helps me through the day.

By the way, my mum loves Brucie Image
She is also really glad that Kevin Webster is an innocent man, and is rooting for Ken Barlow....
Those couple of hours to ourselves are a godsend given to us by Amrak, the goddess of "Shit happens, period". She's the twin sister of Karma, god of "No it doesn't, it's all your own fault."
Yup! I've decided to set up my own internet religion. According to "She who must be obeyed" (mum) the quickest way to make a million is to set up a religion or charity. I can be a high priestess from home and just think of the marketing possibilities! Holy water from Atlantis (United Utilities really), my own line of wrist bands, etc. I could apply to the Princes Trust for a start up grant for the over 50's. On second thoughts, calling myself a high priestess instead of a managing director might raise a few eyebrows.
So much for my fantasy of godly self-employment and giving the DWP the two fingered salute over their carers allowance and Income support.
They only went and sent me the wrong form, one for Job Seekers Allowance instead of Income Support. The very nice lady I spoke to was genuinely surprised. These JSA forms haven't existed for years apparently and are obsolete. That's Amrak for you. Must be my punishment for taking her name in vain. Anyway, she (the lady from the IS department not Amrak) is re-sending me the proper form, hopefully I'll get it today. Bet it's about a 100 pages long, asking for my inside leg measurement, etc.
Mum's up now. Let the daily battle with her cup of tea and iron pill commence.
Just reading this while waiting for the first cuppa of the day to cool. I just love the idea of Amrak. Amrak deserves a thread of it's own, this is a religion that we need to share. My family are well versed in the basic principles of Amrak! Should we make it a political party instead of a religion, then our first aim could be abolishing Murphy's Law!?
I've just lost the battle of the iron pill.
She's supposed to take it with orange juice and wait at least an hour before having a cup of tea. But she insists on having a cuppa first thing in the morning, which I can understand; I do to. Trouble is she's an incessant tea drinker, and trying to find that hour gap is practically impossible.
The evening iron pill I'm fine with as she's all teaed out by about 5pm and happy with orange juice. Does this no tea/coffee/milk malarkey really make THAT much difference? After all, since she's been taking them she's livened up, so they must be working. I'm chuffed about that even though it makes my job more difficult. We're off to do work association soon.

Up date: Me and my mate are going to Weatherspoon's tonight. After mum's first ever visit from the chiropodist this afternoon, I'm going to need a drink! Image
Have a word with your pharmacist. Some iron supplements are available in liquid form, rather than tablet. No idea if they have the same restrictions re tea. My pharmacist is far better than the young doctors I usually see - I was prescribed one pill which felt like a lump of concrete in my stomach and made me feel so awful I gave up taking them. The pharmacist suggested time release capsules instead, he checked that they were available on the NHS too. I then got in touch with the surgery, who then prescribed them. Brilliant. I had all the good effects with none of the bad side effects!

Enjoy that drink at Weatherspoons. I hear it on good authority that Amrakists are drinkers so the High Priestess had better set a good example Image .

As for tablets, over the past year, my mum / carers / I have made so many mistakes with them, I have stopped worrying. Shake mum up and down and she rattles (not that I have tried in case any of you have SS on speed dial) [thinks it is only a matter of time on a bad day]

Following on here's the Tales of Amrak. Image

I've split it to a separate thread Sajehar, link above. Image
My mate date is Thursday not Tuesday... Image
I was me that made the arrangements so I've no excuses for my confusion.
I'm still going to celebrate as mum's home visit from the chiropodist - the one I was dreading - went swimmingly. She even pinned on her NHS name tag to convince mum she was from the local health center.
Mum was a pussy cat throughout, nattering about all sorts to her (what a difficult birth she had with me, etc.) Mum's soles are now soft as a babies and, I might be imagining this, but I'm sure she's shuffling a wee bit better now. Maybe her hard skin was impeding her?
I've been greatly reassured by her. She thoroughly examined mum's feet and lower legs. Basically, her feet and lower legs look far worse than they actually are. She doesn't have DVT and her circulation is fine (she could easily feel mum's pulses.) She recommended that I got mum some thermal socks though as the ends of her toes, when she pressed them, didn't pink up quickly enough. But, overall, she's seen far worse in patients 30 years younger than mum, which chuffed mum to bits.
She clipped and filed mum's toenails and moisturised her feet/lower legs thoroughly.
She then got mum to demonstrate how she cuts her toe nails. She was surprised at mum's flexibility (I was gobsmacked) and told her to carry on doing so until she could no longer manage it. Mum threw me a "told you so" look; I think that comment made her day.
I'm so impressed that she basically did herself out of business, as soon as mum can't manage her toenails I'm calling this lady in.

All in all, a success worth celebrating. So, because of my self-inflicted pub let down, I've liberated my dad's cheapo Baileys Irish cream instead... I have to Keep up appearances being Amrak's representative on earth. As Anne001 - the Keeper of Scared Virgins - has pointed out. That's my excuse anyway.... and I'm sticking to it!
Argh Sajehar, oh great and mighty one - Amrak Queen Image
Glad to hear that your mum's chiropody session went well. My mother used to have them as well but now she has to go to the local medical centre and doesn't receive the same treatment anymore. A quick "yeah your feet are okay keep doing what you are doing" but that is nothing, then it is a quick snip of the nails and by the time I have relaxed in the car for 5 minutes she is out again. I am not allowed into these sessions or the doctor ones because she knows I would say something or hear something that isn't right but there will come a time when I will have to make sure that I go in with her, my neighbour comes every now and then to have a go at mothers feet (I can't bear to touch feet and I start heaving when I have to go near them).
As it was my birthday yesterday we went out for a meal last night with my neighbours and I had to correct mother a few times with inaccuracies so am hoping that my neighbours took note (will ask them this morning). But a wonderful evening was had by all.
Got to take the cat to the vet this morning, just for a check up so mother will be fine for an hour and then tomorrow I am out at the hospital for my splints so busy couple of hours.

Wonderful.. tis wonderful…..dont Know idea where that song comes from, but I’m singing it anyway.(thank god – sorry- Amrak, for spellcheckers)

Had ace time with mate at Wetherspoons. A bit og me was dreading it. What would we say to one another, etc. That just didn’t happen. We just nattered and enyoyed our currys (2 4 1)
And got pissed. IT WAS GRATE>
She had to get off coz of her mum and we clung to eac other like babys. Was a bit weird but so what. 2 train journies she had to make…. Shes a hero.im now listening to music, the firt time in ages and I love it.
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