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Watch with Mother

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Mum was reading the obituaries in the local paper. . .
Mum "Mrs Ramsays husband died last week"
Me "Who's Mrs Ramsay?"
Mum "they lived across the road from us 50 years ago"
Me "I'm only 47 mum"
Mum " we'll you must remember the son?"
Me " no I don't remember him"
Mum "he was a penis"
Me: "do you mean a pianist"
Mum "know exactly what I mean, he was a penis"
End of convo!
I like the idea of the mums all together, while we go to the pub Image . Only problem would be who would mumsit?? Image

Get them to mumsit each other............. Image Image Image
What's a pub? It's been so long since I went to one I've forgotten! Maybe my short term memory is going too Image

I say that now and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Struggling Hill
I loved your mum's take on the obit. She had you bang to rights, which my mum does regularly to me too.
all power to them! Image
I don't want to mumsit at all thanks,
I know what my mother is like and I tell you once she gets started I don't want to be any where near Image

A pub lunch OMG what is that?? Last time I went out for a pub lunch was with a (used to be) friend and that was getting on for 18 months ago. Unfortunately the "friend" wanted me to choose between her and my mother, not seem her since (15 years of friendship gone).

I often do a double take when driving around and mother doesn't recognise where we are and I now don't mention that it was only a few weeks or months ago that we were there.

I am sure Matthew Wright would love to mumsit with all our mothers Image
[quote]Dear Struggling Hill
I loved your mum's take on the obit. She had you bang to rights, which my mum does regularly to me too.[quote]

My mum a dressmaker all her life sat watching me at my sewing machine making a little ballet tutu for my grandaughter.
Mum "Are you using a stiffener for that orgasm?"
Me " Eh?"
Mum "I never liked orgasm, it buggers up the machine"
Me "Eh?"
Mum "It's too fiddly"
Me "Eh?"
Mum "Never liked it"

Then it dawned on me, she was meaning ORGANZA fabric Image Image Image
Laugh, I nearly stitched myself to the machine!
Hi Struggling Hill

That's dead funny! My mum does this to me all the time. Yesterday, my mum wanted to know if I was a communist when I told her I was on the carers forum. After the most bizarre conversation, involving lesbians and Putin, it finally dawned on me she'd mistaken carers for commies! She's now convinced my dad is a commie too because he supports Liverpool fc! Image
Struggling that hilarious Image Image

My Mum is very keen on politics and likes going on and on about it, she mentioned that she saw William Hague make his first speech at 16 when she was pregnant with me, I told her that was impossible as Hague is a couple of years younger than me, no he cant be Mum said because I was definitely pregnant with you when I saw him I know that for a fact, I said Mum hes younger than me and she said no way hes in his 70's I had to show her on the internet that he was only 52 and still she insists that she was pregnant with me....I am 54 Image Image
Hi Kiwigaz
Sorry to here about your 'friend.' Some people can be very selfish and lack understanding, and if I'm honest, I was a bit like that too before I became a full time carer. I never gave anyone an ultimatum but I did lose touch with a friend when they became a carer about 5 years ago. Every time I rang her up to come out with me to the pub/whatever, she couldn't. And whenever I popped round to visit her all she'd ever do is talk about her mum which got on my nerves. My calls and visits dwindled until they stopped altogether. I know how she must have felt now. Some friend I turned out to be, eh!
My mum sometimes forgets that I'm her carer and wants to know why I'm not at work. When I tell her that I look after her full time now, she looks at me as if I'm the one who's lost the plot. "Don't be so bloody daft! I'm not a cripple you know." She'll then shuffle off to do some task or other to prove her point. One pile of abysmally washed dishes later (no hot water or washing up liquid used with egg, etc still clinging to them) she'll crow triumphantly "See!... now bugger off and leave me alone!" 10 minutes later, she'll ask me for a foot massage or something, her outburst completely forgotten about. Does your mum do something similar to you?
Dear Kiwigaz
I've just thought of something else. It stopped me in my tracks when I remembered it, and I only remembered it because of my last reply to you. It's not pretty, but I'm going to write about it anyway... here go's.

Several years ago (when I was last online) I joined a dating site. I was particularly taken with one particular guy, we had a terrific exchange of emails, and we decided to meet up. The date went swimmingly until he mentioned he was a carer for his mum. I carried on smiling, and laughing at his very witty trials and tribulations... but in my heart I was withdrawing fast... noways was I getting involved with some whimp who looks after his mother.
I didn't even have the decency to reply to his subsequent emails; I put him on block. What a selfish, prejudiced, unthinking cow I must have been. Yet, I always though I was a caring, 'right on' individual. How wrong can a girl be? I do believe that's called Karma.... and serves me right!
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