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Watch with Mother

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Hi Kiwigaz
Your mum should meet mine as she too hate BF. She calls him a doddery old ham and he should retire to make way for a youngun. She thinks its morally wrong and ungraceful for olduns to cling to burnt out glory. According to her he's an offense against nature, and if she had her way she'd have him shot "to put us all out of our misery!" She hates his guts with a passion and a half.
Yet she loves Tom Jones, and will happily sing along to "Sex bomb, I'm a sex bomb," complete with arthritic shimmys while bum bumping me. Given the TJ must be in his 70's by now, her moral outrage at glory clinging olduns is highly selective!
She's fed & watered and happily watching Matthew Wright on 5+. Such a lovely young man according to her.... I think she fancies him!
She too missed the first series of Mrs Browns boys, so I'm getting her the box set for xmas.
For the first time in years I'll be getting her a pressie that she actually wants. The foot spa I got her last year is covered in dust. I thought she'd be dead pleased with it, but she prefers me to massage her feet. Even better would be a foot massage from Matthew Wright. Image
Hi Nilla
What my mother has to say about Tracy Barlow is unprintable Image Evil cow is the mildest expression she uses. And this from a woman who's philosophy used to be if you can't say something nice about somebody, then say nothing!
Lol Sajehar my Mum hates Carl off Corrie and goes on and on about him, my stupid Aunty thinks that Hayley is dying in real life from cancer saying why would she play someone who is dying if she isn't in real life Image My Aunty always rings me constantly about Emmerdale as she knows I get some spoilers from someone before anyone else but I wont ever tell her and she gets mad at me lol
My mum hates kylie from corrie because he used to be a man and is now a woman. She can understand a woman wanting to be man, but a man wanting to be woman is just plain unnatural according to her.
To be honest I now like my mother more than previously. I can't ever remember laughing with my mother before her memory started to go, etc. But we do a lot now. We still have our fraught moments, eying each other up like gladiators. But it's more soft and relaxed than before. I can't put into words. It's just weird.
About two years ago I won a few quid on the lottery. I asked her to name her dream holiday, expecting the Taj Mahal, statue of liberty or New Orleans to come up. She wanted to visit Kew Gardens in London!
I arranged the trip, and what did I end up doing? I was to be her look out whilst she swiped cuttings. She did too. I was jumping from foot to foot, convinced we were about to be arrested at any point. Her airy response was, "They won't miss them... relax."

Mothers! Can't live with them, can't live without them!
Hi Sajehar and Nilla,

Mother hates all soaps and thinks that people need to get real as these programmes are not real and they are only actors playing a part so why are so many programmes talking about them as if they are real, get a life Image
She also loves Matthew Wright - 9:15 every morning she or I switch over to watch him, but I won't write on here about that old woman in the audience (the one that is in hospital), along the lines of mutton and lamb but worse lol.

I get up very early in the mornnings as it is my time as mother arises around 8am and I have her coffee all ready, 2-3 hours in the mornings are so good and then she goes to bed just after 7pm to read so I have a couple of hours before I go.
I am sure mothers mind is going as well but others can't see it, yes we get on better now than when I first started looking after her, mainly because I think I am more tolerant and am learning to count under my breath before jumping down her throat.
Funny how I used to be the most patient person in the world but in the last few years - maybe it is just getting older and becoming a grumpy old man Image
Sounds like it would be a good idea for you to get all your Mum's together in a room so they could "TV moan" to their hearts contentment, would give you lot chance to catch up on odd jobs, or better still go and have a pub lunch. Image Image Image
Hi Kiwijaz
Memory loss is weird. I thought my father was exaggerating when he first started to air his concerns about my mother to me. She seemed fine to me.It was only when I stayed with them for 10 days over Xmas nearly 3 years ago that I too noticed the changes. Back then she could go for days as normal, then out of the blue she'd forget things within minutes. It drove me mad to begin with having to repeat myself over and over again, or answering the same question over and over again. It's water of a ducks back to me now, which is just as well as her short term memory is really bad now and constant.
I too get up early before she does and love sitting in the garden wrapped in my snuglies, hugging a hot cup of coffee thinking of nothing in particular. I particularly like it when I'm surrounded by mist and watching it disappear as the sun rises. It's so relaxing, and sets me up for the day.
She's contentedly watching Matthew Wright right now on 5+ after recently asking me if I was a communist!
What's a pub? It's been so long since I went to one I've forgotten! Maybe my short term memory is going too Image
I like the idea of the mums all together, while we go to the pub Image . Only problem would be who would mumsit?? Image
Maybe we could get Matthew Wright to mum sit them. She told me today that she wants him as a toyboy!
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