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No, not the programme through the round window but attempting to watch TV with mother.
I only wanted to watch the football on Fri:

Mum: which colour is England?
Me: England all wear white
Mum: so who is in blue?
Me: the referee
Mum: he's going the same way as the white ones - is he english? And who is in yellow>
Me: the english goalkeeper.
Mum (triumphant): so they're not all in white after all ...


Mum: where are they playing?
Me: Wembley
Mum: well, I don't think much of this Wembley team!

Oh the bliss of the second half when she fell asleep Image
I know that feeling of bliss Anne xx Image
Been there Anne. Ohhhhhh for bliss. Image
I am afraid that your mother and I may be about equal re football knowledge Image
Sounds just like my mother lol.
She goes through phases (at the moment in one) where she hates everyone on telly.
Eg. Oh look at her who does she think she is, all tarted up like that - too much makeup on and look at what she is wearing - what is she trying to prove, I wouldn't be seem dead in that outfit
You get my drift.
She is 83 but the funniest are the game shows, whilst I am in the room she just sits there quietly listening, then once I leave the room all I can hear is oh I knew that one, I got that one, I knew the answer to that one. However when I come back into the room silence once again.
I think she got fed up of me saying you should know this one and her replies of I am thinking, I know it but it just won't come to me at the moment.
I know I am being mean but hey I have to have some fun Image
Kiwi, you have to laugh. Maybe we should put the mothers in one room Image . Mum starts on Breakfast TV "Look at what she is wearing. I wish she would put them away. Puts me off my breakfast Image ". She loves Jeremy Kyle and hates Ant n Dec. "They only put them on TV because they can't do proper jobs" Image
Hi Anne
I'm new to this site and fairly new to caring. Every single time we watch countdown my 83 year old mum wants to know why Carole Vorderman isn't there and then proceeds to slag off the 'new' lady present. When the show ends it's always, "That woman's a tart and ruined it. Carol's a real lady. I'm never watching Countdown again." Until the next day when she insists on watching CD and the whole rigmarole starts again.
She's no sexist though as Noel Edmunds gets the same treatment during Deal or no Deal. Why doesn't he shave that scruffy beard off/what's wrong with his skin/is he gay (because of the flowery shirts he wears) etc, etc. She even asked me to report Doc Martin to the medical council for cruelty and get him struck off!!!
She used to be a bit of a prude plus would visibly shudder if anyone swore on telly, especially the F word. Now her fave program is Mrs Brown's Boys. She can't get enough of it, the bawdier the better, and laughs her head off throughout. Now shes taken to saying "What the feck is that" in imitation of Mrs Brown.
Fortunately for my dad's sanity she's never comments about football, other than the occasional "this is boring, can we watch something else" which she's been saying ever since they first got a telly so he's used to that Image
Welcome to the Forum, Sanjehar.

I think your mum is quite right re Doc Martin Image . Mum does not like Carol Vorderman either "forgets her age, that's her trouble".
Hi Sajehar,
My mother is the same about Mrs Browns Boys too, laughs like there is no tomorrow throughout the whole program, she even got me to buy the first series as we missed it.
Though she still doesn't like it when the young neighbours come out swearing all the time, but put Mrs Brown on and she doesn't give a feck lol.
She dislikes Bruce Forsyth immensely and says he should be off telly and retire and he can take that thing with him (Tess Daly), she is getting as bad as him (her words).
I have to turn off the sound if Rod Stewart or Paul McCartney come on but she loves Tom Jones.
She also hates football, however since my return from Australia, I have introduced her to AFL and to my surprise she loves it and now can't wait for the weekend to watch her favourite boys play - oh bless Image
My Mum gets so engrossed in the soaps she thinks the characters are real and goes on and on about them lol
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