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Daughter ran out of Christmas tree lights, so took little 'un to Moggoes for some more. Decided to get some crackers and party poopers (yes, I know, we call 'em poopers), as they weren't too heavy to carry home.
At the till, complete with buggy, baby and shiny platinum wedding ring, she was asked for her ID.
Then she produced her Moggoes Staff discount card and all was well.

She rang to tell me, very indignant about it all and I just fell about laughing.
But well done Moggoes for asking her, cos the check-out assistant 'wasn't sure', she said.
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Image Image I complain if they dont ask for my ID!! Image
][/img] I complain if they dont ask for my ID!! Image
I'm with you, Pete. I keep complaining that I've never been asked for my ID...even in a shop that claims to always ask for ID...
That reminded me of a time when i was in Boots back in the late 90's, or was it the early 00's, anyway i went in for some razor blades, got to the check-out and the assistant asked me my age, i was around my early 30's maybe still in my 20's i think, i was with someone at the time in the shop, i think he was shocked i got asked my age, well so did i, i just told the assistant my age and paid for my razors and left with a smile Image
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As she did not have ID on her, a friend of mine was not allowed to buy a toddler cutlery set - because it contained a potential weapon (a blunt toddler knife!) ...