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Washing powder/liquid/gel? - Carers UK Forum

Washing powder/liquid/gel?

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I know this sounds bizarre, but my "old man" suffers from COPD (emphysema). Because of his breathing difficulties, he is now allergic to all aerosol sprays (I can't even wear perfume any more, or hairspray, or Pledge spray, etc. etc).
Do any of you know of any washing powders/liquids/gels that don't stink? In fact, I've always hated that dreadful smell emanating from the washing machine. Personally, I don't want my washing to smell of anything. Why would I? I've used Fairy non-bio liquid for years, but now they have included an appalling smell to their product. Even though I shut the kitchen door when I start the washing machine, the awful smell permeates the whole of our microscopic 1-bedroomed bungalow and my poor husband's breathing virtually stops !!!!! There must be some "eco" products out there without the added so called "smell of spring flowers". Bah humbug!! They all smell disgusting, and in actual fact, the Fairy gel is making my eyes water and throat tickly. What on earth are they putting into their products? It's appalling.
Anyway, if you have any suggestions, they would be gratefully received. After all, we need to wash our clothes and bed linen etc. The smell even remains on the bed linen, which also causes my husband even more breathing difficulties.
Thank you to all you good people on this forum.
I agree that some of the smells are overpowering, I stick to Daz powder, basically because I like the smell and it gets the clothes clean (with steam engines and Land Rovers in the family, I have some real washing "challenges" at times!). I noticed that one advert on TV was saying if you used their product it would keep everything smelling fresh for a week. I know Waitrose do an eco range, next time I'm in there I'll see what it says for you.
I have no idea what it is like but there is the Ecover range.

I used this a few years ago and it is supposed to be fragrance free, it was at the time I used it, not sure these days. Might be worth a try.
I've just had an idea, I Googled "perfume free detergent" and there was some stuff on an allergy website which sounds as though it's just what you are looking for.
Thank you everybody for your suggestions. I'll get onto the net and see if I can find something.
All the best to you
You could try your hand at making your own washing powder if you have the time to spare - it's supposed to be cheaper than most washing powders on the market and you get the added bonus of being able to experiment with whatever perfumes you want in them (usually a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oils).

If that isn't for you, you could try researching soap flakes - however, these aren't always suitable for use in modern day washing machines so a read of the box or product information is advisable.
I used soap flakes in my machine and they clogged up the pump and pipe completely. Fortunately I had a warrantee on the machine, which was really only supposed to cover breakdowns, rather than operator error. As I always look after anyone who comes to my house well, with cuppa and cake etc. the engineer was very kind and put down some other fault instead!
Tesco have a cheap non bio powder in a 3KG bag which doesn`t have a strong smell, cleans well and doesn`t leave the clothes hard.

You could also use soda crystals instead of washing powder as they don`t smell at all and leave towels lovely and soft without the need for conditioner. I use these for hubby`s white socks as he doesn`t wear slippers and the soles of the socks are always filthy, but with soda crystals they come out spotless every time. They also have a liquid version but remember to shake the bottle each time!xx