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Hi Everyone,Moderators and Admins,,, I just thought that I would post this message onto you,, to put you all on your guard,, as like all of you I too am a carer,, and I am Admin to an on line carers group, but I like to get involved in other carers groups, such as this one,, to offer a lending ear, and to offer help and advice where needed, My group is a closed group, and like this group people who want to join have to be added by me,just as this group people have to be added, by the Admins,, or in this instance blocked/ignored,, re;; the attached message,, thank you,,

just thought I would let you know, that there has been yet another request to join the group, from a person calling themselves Hier Rebecca,, I knew straight away that this was a hoax as I looked on their time line and saw that it was from the very same person who has tried under several names before to get in,, I have ignored their request but unfortunately this time I could not block him,, so be on your guard just incase he tries to send you a friend request, to try and get in that way, tho they have to come by me first to add or decline the request,, so dont worry,,

This message reffers to my own group,, as you can send friend requests, the reason why I couldn't block this name was that as it is a made up name,, it didn't show up when I clicked on block this person,, on the other 2 occassions when this same person has tried to join my group,, using various other names,, I was able to click on block this person and the name that they were using came up so I was able to click block against the name, and I also looked on their timeline as this is via Facebook and some of the pictures on there were really nasty/sexy,, so I knew that these requests were coming from the same person/man,, so be on your guard,, and if you have a block facility on Carers UK,, And you are not easy with the request from whoever,, just block them,, thank you,,
thank you Maggie, I have flagged your warning to Administration.

Makes me so mad
Hi Everyone,, the other name to look out for re; hoax names/warning is a Buzis Arminda,, just incase he tries to get in,, Cant think what the other one was as they have both gone from my group,, thank you,,
Thats odd as that same name has also tried to get into a facebook group I belong to about carers
Lots of spammers are about recently
Hi Nilla,, yes he tried to get into my group as well my group is called Caring for a loved one,, at the time I thought he was genuine so I added him,, then I looked on his timeline,, as I began to have bad vibes about him,, and when I saw what was on the timeline I knew then that he was some kind of pervert so I quickly removed and blocked him permanently,, since then I had 2 more requests to join,, and saw that it was from the same weirdo,, so be very careful,,,,,