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Question for pet lovers, need answers today! - Carers UK Forum

Question for pet lovers, need answers today!

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Here is my dilemma. We are going to stay in a forest cabin this eve through to Sunday evening.

I can't decide what to do with our beautiful 18 year old cat.

In the past she has gone on all our hols with us, staying with family, friends, in a caravan & various cottages. She has greatly enjoyed exploring new gardens, countryside etc. However, we've not been away for a long time now, so she is out of practise plus if S is loud and stressed it is harder for her to feel secure in a new place. My friend who could pop in and look after, is not a cat person and I'm a worried if its hot and the house is all locked up she'll over heat and oversleep and not eat and drink enough. I have only ever left her for a single night before and she has always been insecure and clingy when we got back.

What would you do?

Hi Melly,

I had the same dilemma recently when I went down to Folkestone for a long weekend.

Basically most cats can be left for 36 hours or so with just a bowl of water, one dish of wet food, one dish of dried food and somewhere to pee/poop ! Cats tend to sleep for up to 18 hours anyway (more like 20 if your name is Harry !) and it doesn't hurt them to miss the occasional meal.

I was away for 2 nights (went Friday morning, came back Sunday afternoon) and arranged for a neighbour to pop in on Saturday afternoon/evening just to refresh his water and food bowls and check to see if his litter tray needed topping up. I left everything out that she might need - clean bowls, plastic bags, rubber gloves, cat litter etc.

Harry was fine, just had a little sulk for 24 hours when I got back :lol: :lol:

Is it possible to build her a little den? Sheets draped over backs of chairs or something? Somewhere she would feel secure and shady. I agree with Susie that she will survive with the help of friend but yes, she will punish you when you get back.

18 is a great age. A real old lady.

Have a great time,
Our cat is always very moody for a while after she's been left as well :)

I think they're generally fine being left for a few days, especially once they're older. If you're really worried there are companies who come in and will spend some time with them as well as feed and brush them, or a nice cattery but it's probably a bit late to arrange that if you're off tonight? I wouldn't worry too much, as long as someone can pop in to put down fresh water and some food she should be fine.
Thank you for the reassurance/ guidance folks. We did leave her in the end. Our friend will pop in Saturday a.m. & p.m and Sunday a.m. When I looked up the route the last bit was lots of roundabouts and a few steep hills and dips, she prefers fairly flat, no stop-starting motorways etc The venue would be suitable for her though, big enough inside, verandah and surrounding woods. So if we ever came for a bit longer would consider it.