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Wallppaper stripping

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I am trying to remove evil vinyl wall paper that feels like it was attached with super glue instead of wall paper paste. Ive tried scoring it with a whirly thing, I've tried hot water and wallpaper stripper with knife, I've tried wall paper steamer but not sure this is set up correct as more steam puffing out the safety valve than the plate . Any one got any hot tips on improving this process or does anyone know anything about wall paper steamers- Black and Decker in particular and connecting hoses? At this rate I will still be picking bits off next Christmas.
Henrietta, we have vinyl throughout our cottage, it covers a multitude of sins, or dodgy plaster. It is usually a doddle to take off, once you know how. In fact it's M's favourite job, he just loves the noise it makes. I'm tempted to offer him to you for the day!! Vinyl is in two layers, the vinyl layer and the backing paper, so it's a two stage job. Go to the bottom corner of a sheet, and pick at it, like you are trying to take a label off. One you get the corner of the vinyl, pull it slowly and diagonally across the rest of the sheet. It's a bit like peeling an apple, see how much you get off in one pull!!
Using a steamer is good too. Once it's producing steam, put the flat bit against the wall, leave it there for a few seconds, then slide it sideways, so the new bit you are doing just overlaps the old bit. Then get a wide bladed flat scraper, and scrape the first square off while the second square is "cooking". Be careful to hold the handle down, so you don't damage the plaster.
Let me know if you are still struggling, and I'll swop a demo for a coffee!!
Thanks, I think that's more or less what I've been doing, some of the top layer does come off in a fairly large piece but the underlayer is the really evil part. Steamer wise, I have the theory of it - thanks to you tube but not sure I have the steam! More is puffing out of the safety valve than is appearing at the bottom of the plate. I think I've attached the connecting hose correctly but who knows. I have poached one of Dad's old carers for a couple of hours tomorrow so hoping she can get it going, also have a decorator coming to give me a quote so I will pick his brains, you are welcome to the coffee with or without the demo.

We have stripped some great vinyls over the years, and some terrible ones. I swear that some people have superglued them in the past.

Soaking and steaming have helped, but I am thinking that your steamer sounds faulty?
I agree, you're stripper sounds dodgy.... as the actress said to the bishop; BOOM, BOOM!

BB is right. It's more important to score the surface of the underneath layer than the top. The scratchy triangle things are O.K. but I prefer criss-crossing with a Stanley knife.
Also, I've often found that just a bucket of hot, soapy (the washing up liquid is important) water and a sponge is just as good as a stripper and often better. Soak an area (AFTER scoring) leave for a few minutes, soak again and it should come off dead easy with a scraper.
Tip: A slightly blunted, or aged, scraper works best. Don't ask me why, they just do :silly:
Vinyl wallpaper will often create a big mess when you try and remove it from the walls, using conventional methods. It may come away in small strips, and with vinyl not being porous it may become soft, when using a steamer, making it harder to strip off.

Two stages, as someone has already mentioned.

Peel off the vinyl when dry. You may want to try peeling from the top instead from the bottom edge, as the paper sometimes over time, comes away from the walls.

With the vinyl removed, a steamer with a broad scraper will remove the paper layer. If paste not water based, you will need a solvent to remove

Good luck with it
Many thanks everyone, I will have another go tomorrow .
Progress report- sussed out the connections on the stripper- well my helper did anyway and had quite a useful morning one working with the steamer and the other with a remover solution and scraper- fair progress but I think my arms probably won't be working tomorrow, not done this much hard labour in decades.
Doubtless you found muscles you didn't know you had. Just think at the end of this the stomach and arms will be super toned!!!