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Coping at Christmas

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Hi guys
I can honestly say that this Christmas has been the hardest one yet we were all set for a fairly quiet time and then the day before Christmas Eve my poor partner has not 1 but 2 TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attacks) these are basically mini-strokes which come on top of the poor soul having had a Thalamic bleed in April

I have to admit that I have cried myself to sleep on several occasions I have mental health issues and I have tried to be strong and deal with everything I have come to the conclusion that I can't cope of course everything shuts down for the holidays and so I have to carry on with looking after my poor fella.

am thinking about writing a blog or something on the day to day struggle of being a carer but one thing at a time I guess
It sounds like you're coping remarkably well in extremely difficult circumstances. If that's me not picking up how bad you feel than I apologize but I think you should be praising yourself on how well you've coped despite everything. If you feel up to writing a blog then go for it. There are times when I wish I'd written one but there's no way I could actually manage it.

I'm sorry to hear of your partner's worsening health but he's very lucky to have such a devoted partner. Has he ended up in hospital?
Really sorry to hear you are having an awful time. No shame in crying, male or female, when the s*** is hitting the fan especially. Have you signed up to the emergency carer scheme where you live? Tomorrow, ring Social Services, ask for a new Carers Assessment.
thank you for the comments it is a big help to know there is support around luckily my partner didn't have to spend time in hospital this time if he had I don't think i would have coped as well as I did. my partner is very stubborn so I doubt he would have stayed in hospital even if they had wanted to keep him. he seems to be a bit brighter but there is still a long way to go. I have called our local stroke nurse I have spoken with the GP and told them of what has happened not much can really happen now between Christmas and the new year am keeping a close eye on him and he has told me that I must do whatever needs doing
It's good that he trusts you to do what is best for him even if that does put more responsibility on your shoulders. You and he remind me of me and my partner. He trusts me totally and will always try to get home if he possibly can although he does accept he'll have to stay away until I get over the flu. It's nice to hear of relationships working in adversity.