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New Year Resolutions - Carers UK Forum

New Year Resolutions

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Anyone making New Year Resolutions for 2018 ? If so what are they ?

I've a couple

Lose half a stone (to get back to my ideal weight)
Get more exercise

Mind you I make the same ones every year - not always successfully :blush:
Exercise more, get fit, get slim! Same as usual, but no will power.
Yes, I need to lose a few pounds too and could do with more exercise ( don't know when though, for the latter.)
Need to start practising Mindfulness again.
Need to find away to arrange for some decorating to be done.

All very boring ... I think I'd rather have some virtual resolutions too - with plenty of fun involved!

For me, some things are "non negotiable", most of all my holiday to Crete, to be free, laugh, eat with friends, swim with friends, drink with friends, even dance with friends.
Sadly though, the only two weeks of the year when I really look and feel like the "real me".
My other non negotiable is looking in every fabric shop I see! I just love fabric and sewing, as long as it's for me. I once made some dresses for someone as a paid project, hated every stitch.
I'm surprised carers need additional exercise.
What with cooking, housework, gardening all of which I do alone, fetching this and taking that too,
I get all the exercise I need.

I do wish things were back as they were once, when I was happy and FAT! :lol:
Unfortunately, after major surgery on my abdomen, two knee replacements and arthritis, all the things I used to do without a second thought are now out of the question. I even need a food mixer to help me make cakes, can't even fill in a PIP form without help from DWP!
I used to lead mountain walks in Switzerland; swim 20 lengths each lunchtime, swim in the sea each evening when I lived in Australia; and could run well over a mile without getting out of breath, in the days before my son was born. When I asked my surgeon why I'd developed such a serious health problem, he looked at me and said "25 years without a holiday didn't do you any good" and then told me that I was "never ever to care for anyone ever again".
Neither the GP nor Social Services helped me achieve this, on the contrary, they have both repeatedly bullied me to care for mum and son.
When I go on holiday, I always walk or swim every day, but it's so difficult at home with lots to do.
BB I often think of you. The fact you have been told you shouldn't care again ,but still fighting!
Nearly exploded when I picked M up for the weekend. They sent him home last week with only £16 left in his bank account - in theory I can take £100 for a week when he's home with me, no chance with only £16 left! He then had £100 paid in. Staff have strict instructions that his money is ONLY to be spent on food and activities. In just over 2 days, they've bought a huge glass kettle for £20 - he only has a tiny bit of worktop and it's a hard water area; a black drain cover and a pair of "drain" gloves from Screwfix costing almost £10. 30% of his total income straight away spent on unauthorised things!!
I was promised if he had this break he'd do nice Christmassy activities. He went to the local discount store and bought a picture frame, yet he and his carer can go to the cinema free?!
Still, he's home with me, chilled out in front of the wood burner now, having just had some scrummy cheesecake.
I don't understand? Did he need a new kettle and drain cover and gloves? Surely if these things are needed they should contact you first. Then you make the relevant decision. The glass kettles look nice for a short time but then the scale starts to show making them look awful. Brum is supposedly soft water area ( debatable now). I had one and couldn't stand the mess of it. No wonder you newly exploded! Who wouldn't choose going to the cinema over buying a picture frame? Unless you work with that agency ( says me clearing my throat)
My news years resolution is to carry on kicking the guilt monster away!