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Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's! - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's!

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For those staying until Christmas Day, shall we have a Children's Party for all ages? We still haven't had an offer of an MC - come on chaps, we need someone with a big deep voice to maintain at least a semblance of order! How about pass the parcel with a present in each layer? It's always seemed unfair that only one person gets a prize. You can have whatever you like, jewellery, round the world trips...?
On the subject of trips, as we don't want to worry about driving, I've arranged for some Sunshine Buses, which will take you for a trip round the New Forest, but it's a magic bus which will turn the Forest into summer for you, but without all the other tourists around to clog up the road.
Alternatively, you can choose any car you like from the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and take it for a spin.
No it's going to be an even more magical bus and show us all four seasons in the forest in one magical trip. We'll see deer and badgers, Highland cattle in the middle of the road with their huge horns, ponies, donkeys with their babies, pannaging pigs and the odd forest 'character'. Beautiful autumn leaves, crisp fresh snow with isolated snowmen built by long gone visitors, trees pale green with blossom in spring, dark green with leaves in summer. A whole array of rare and not so rare birds (hawfinxh, Dartford warbler - which are extinct in Dartford, lesser spotted woodpeckers.. Actually it's not a magic bus ir's a magic steam engine.

Do you think I should get a job with the tourist board?
If I virtually over eat I might give off a virtual fart !...........
.........but it won't matter because virtual farts don't smell ! :lol:

You should never have invited me. I drag down the proceedings with
my vulgarities. :evil: :D
No Christmas is complete without the embarrassing flatulent uncle, Albert. You're very welcome, especially if they don't smell.
Albert, that's fine, everyone is always welcome at my place, and usually the kettle is on, although I'll have a bar somewhere close if you fancy something stronger.
We haven't mentioned the bar folks, I need to know what tipples to stock asap!
Bailey's for me please, or better still Tescos ownn salted caramel version. Lovley poured over mince pies, Xmas pud or chocolate mousse as well as drunk on ice.
I'm very partial to a Baileys. I'll make sure we have the Tesco version too, then we can do an "in depth" comparison study. Hic.
Me too. Believe it or not the Aldi one is really good. Look forward to doing the comparison. Of course, we won't get hangovers, only a virtual one lol
I'm partial to a Bsileys too, not tried the Tesco salted caramel variety. I also enjoy fruity mulled wine and plain red wine too and since S will be independently busy and safe with M and others in the games room etc I won't have to stop at one, to keep my wits about me! Hic hic

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